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The story begins with a group of villagers who are forced to flee their sleepy fishing village. It has been destroyed by a god of the deep. Not in act of wrath, but by an inadvertent tsunami. They regroup at a inn, just out of range of the the waves. Taking up passage with a travelling circus they slowly make their way across the plains to the mountains. Where they must do battle fire breathing lizards to recover an artefact powerful enough to save the remains of their village.

The 6 word pitch )
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XKCD on airport security.

I once failed to convince an airport security guard to let me keep my 150ml deodorant, as it was an aerosol containing gas and fine particles, but no liquids.

I also failed to convince them to let me keep plastic knitting needles by arguing that the pencils I had with me were far harder and pointier. They let me keep the pencils.
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I went to the Science Museum Lates recently, and saw another cut away V2 rocket. They have one in the Imperial War museum too. I find them fascinating. There's this smooth, symmetric, aerodynamic, surface, but within it is a chaotic profusion of tubes of different sizes, lengths and materials. And each one of them is there for a reason. None of them just look pretty, they're all transporting liquids to somewhere it's needed.

In a similar way, I love the world beneath and behind the smooth fascade we're presented with. I remember being equally fascinated with a couple of holes dug into London streets recently.

And why am I brining this up now? There's clearly some sort of temporarily abandoned repair work at work. You can see the wood cladding. The roughly broken tiles that the cladding covers. The smashed bricks behind that. Then a hollow cavity with pipes and tubing. You'll have to imagine it though, as I'm not getting my camera out by the urinals.
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{ETA: Oops you can't you edit polls for speeling.}

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Dr. Mark Slone gets drawn into the lives of two children when he hears their medication has been replaced by spoonfuls of sugar by their au pair. When he gets to the house he finds the children are missing and the living room is covered in soot. He heads up to the roof tops where:

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I had to get this out of my brain lest it turn into DVD/DVD slash fic.
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Freecycle offer: Child

175x86cm, good condition, mattress not included.

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Apr. 2nd, 2009 10:53 am
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Happy Staples

Dr Who?

Apr. 1st, 2009 11:45 am
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Old news I know, made me giggle.

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or what I did in 20 mins this lunch time.

Yog-Snowthoth the snowman )
Bride and Groom spotted in the snow )
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  • Liquid Nitrogen feels dry to the touch, more than cold. At least at first.
  • Material designed to act as a barrier and not allow anything to pass, will not absorb dye.
    Obvious in retrospect.
    I really didn't need faint pink lab coat.

  • It takes a special type of madness to recognise excellence in health and safety by presenting pointy metal weapons.
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Overheard at work.

Teleconference Machine: "Please state your name after the tone"
Chairman's Laptop: Crash
Teleconference Machine: "Beep"
Chairman: "Oh F***! Sh**!"
Teleconference Machine: "'Oh F***! Sh**!' has joined the conference."
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Sweet martini: 3/4 pars gin, 1/8 part dry vermouth, 1/8 part sweet vermouth.

Medium martini: 4/5 part gin. 1/5 part vermouth

Dry martini: 5/6 parts gin 1/6 part vermouth

Glass martini: Swirl vermouth and ice in a glass. Discard. Add gin.

Breath martini: Drink a shot of vermouth. Breath into a glass. Add gin.

Los Alamos martini: Place a bottle of vermouth on top of an atomic bomb test. Place a glass of gin downwind.

Churchill martini: Pour a glass of gin, while glancing angrily across the room at a sealed bottle of vermouth.

Ideal martini: A glass of gin drunk whilst looking at a picture of vermouth.

Inspired by comments on demiurgent's post.


Ooh! IDEA! Homoeopathic Vermouth.

We could do double blind experiments to discover what the difference between no vermouth, and probably no vermouth is.

Of course we'd need a large sample base :)
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Tetris LARP:
The act of shuffling boxes around to make space while unpacking.

[Poll #1269641]

No cheating and looking up the answers (Even though there is a really spiffing Venn diagram).

[Poll #1269642]
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Do you see what I see in this photo?

cut for puerile political satire )
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I very strongly recommend you ignore our SSID.

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Ear Worming Tablets : Removes those stubborn tunes that just won't get out your head.

Anti-retro-viral Marketing : Prevents you from passing on those Nostalgic feelings to others.

Eye Can'ty : Stops all cravings for Eye Candy.

Pre-release hype-odermic : One small jab, for 6 months immunity to spoilers.

*not coming soon to a shop near you!
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I got the Women equals Problems proof email today.

5 step derivation )

However I believe this fails to take into account the negative root. which would mean that there is another valid solution:
Woman = - Problems
In other words, with the right woman all your problems are taken away :)

If you felt that was bit sappy go listen to JoCo's song about his solution.


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