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The UK has recently changed it's immigration rules for artists. I think I first heard about when someone flying in from America with three paintings to sell to try and subsidise her trip to an arts festival was told to bin them or turn right around and get the next plane out (but my Google fu is failing me).

It seems that the creator of Piled Higher and Deeper was caught up in this.
I have a twitter account. In roughly deceasing order mostly use it for reading, interacting, posting innane thoughts, and comics news. Given how many webcomics make a living from t-shirt sales, I have a tendancy to put my inane ideas in the form of #badtshirtidea tagged posts.

But this comic wins the bad tshirt idea game.


Sep. 3rd, 2009 02:26 pm
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The Pinnacle of SF - A site that collects together the ultimate SF bibliography of Talking Squids in Outer Space!

Instructions for
Cookie dough and Ice Cream Gyoza!

Mostly for my own amusement a comic featuring Clango saying "Science"!

And finally I'm growing a tache for the good of mankind the hell of it charity.

Here's the rules: everything you donate before midnight on the 7th will determine what sort of 'tache I'll grow: a) Thin top lipper b) Handlebar c) Goatee d) Plain 'tache.
Any donations without comment will be assumed to be for d) (as I'm a wuss). Until then, I'll be growing a full beard!
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"Each August since 1998, Beloit College has released the Beloit College Mindset List. It provides a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college."

It's a slightly irreverent list of items, that the yoof of today take for granted. Which would have surprised their tutors when they were at College.

I'm not the first person to link to this today, but this is the one that got me:

52. They have never been Saved by the Bell
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Mythology of the Modern World takes on the question of Why do we get spam email that’s complete gibberish or random sentences from books strung together?

Dale’s one failing, if you could call it that, was a persistant belief that one man could make the world — the whole world — a better place. And with that belief came a corralary: one had a responsibility to try his very best to do just that.

In Dale’s case, he saw the internet as the key.

If you've been getting, link free, unsolicited, capatcha defeating, anonymous comment spam (often in Japanese) from IPs that start with 125.1* (in particular could you raise a support request?

They've temporarily blocked this at least twice, but keep reverting it.

Let's try a bit of mass mailing ourselves.
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Gorden's Glλsses. A really sweet Half Life 2 fan comic in 4 pages.

How to deal with someone who doesn't like your glasses.

My bosses boss actually uses this phrase to describe functioning software, that users don't like.

You ever wander where your money seems to disapearing to? It's the Tooth Fairy's bitch of a sister.

Dr Who?

Apr. 1st, 2009 11:45 am
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Old news I know, made me giggle.

This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 31 Mar 2009 08:59:00 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more

These search terms are highlighted: gillian mckeith These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: doctor  

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If you haven't been keeping up with The Ten Doctors webcomic, now would be a good time to catch up again. If you don't mind spoilers have a look at page 202.

What if the watchmen were played by syndicated American comics?
First seen at [ profile] darth_tigger's

Anyone with photoshop skills want to help b3ta out with their daft Dyson Ball plan?
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A couple of useful sites I've had difficulty re-finding recently.

Price comparison site with graphs tracking how much your item cost recently. Won the channel 5 Gadget Show challenge at the end of last year for consumer electronics.

For weird tat don't forget Froogle. I found a pair of welding Goggles for a fiver there.

Restaurant Vouchers. Fairly London chain centric, but with several 50% off deals it's worth checking before heading out.

P.S. Don't tell anyone about the fantastic Japanese omelet place that [ profile] monkeyssk8 told me about, where they cook the stuff in front of you. It's too fun to get any busier.

It's bad enough that I told [ profile] plentyofants, [ profile] piesandmash, Fuzz, Jez and Si about it at Christmas.
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You know the one. The Galaxy spanning epic trilogy, where a small group struggles in conflict with the powerful galactic empire, etc. No, not Star Wars.

It's the animation that makes this brilliant. Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it)
seen at [ profile] johncoxon and [ profile] stevegreen's

An ants nest with the soil removed and the tubes filled with concrete.
seen at [ profile] whizzerandchips and [ profile] andyduckerlinks's
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Minilink dump since I know won't have time to look at this, this week:

Update plans for death. Bequeath my brain.

As ranted against by Fluff Cthulhu.

I suppose I should set up a minimal will, and thingy with relvant passwords on.

Oh, and I see that I didn't write down my response to people who've said they'd feel weird leaving bits of their bodies for surgeons to train on / experiment with.

I won't be there. So anything that can be done with the bits that are left is just good recycling. If it can directly help save/improve someone's life, great. If it can help a research project cure something, or even just rule out a false hope of a cure, fantastic. If it just gets cremated, and buried, that's fine too, I won't be there. But it does seem like a bit of a waste.

I'm not trying to be morbid here. Doesn't hurt to be prepared.
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Simple fractal generation using TSQL. Supremely geeky and pointless. I love it.

Felted Cthulhu Santa, delivering a Cephalopody Christmas.

New Icon (third and hopefully final attempt at blond one) courtesy of a locked down work PC, and a graphics programme you don't have to install.
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Science: 2008 Gene linked to effectiveness of placebos on social anxiety disorder.

Reminded me of:

Gattaca: 1997 "There is no Gene for Human Spirit"

I think it's pretty clear that people are neither built solely by Nature or Nurture, but by a complex interaction of the two.
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Spacetime anomaly in Herne Hill!

Via [ profile] ruudboy

According to a Myers-Briggs blog analyser these postings are by an ESFP, aka The Performers type.
Via [ profile] amuchmoreexotic

In a previous online test I scored as a ENTP, aka Mad Scientist type.

I wonder if it's because I only present a certain part of myself online? Am I deliberately on making posts of a frivolous, entertaining nature? I I being flippant at the expense of my intellectual side?

On a not entirely unrelated note, this evening I'm going to try and dye my (very dark) hair to blonde for a costume party tomorrow.
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  • Liquid Nitrogen feels dry to the touch, more than cold. At least at first.
  • Material designed to act as a barrier and not allow anything to pass, will not absorb dye.
    Obvious in retrospect.
    I really didn't need faint pink lab coat.

  • It takes a special type of madness to recognise excellence in health and safety by presenting pointy metal weapons.
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Very busy at work. No lunch break today.


Why do cats sit on papers?


Some photo's of the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. Increasing large bundles of bank notes paying for nothing. An every increasing number of zeros added to new note issued. They knocked 10 zeros off the end earlier this year, and may have to do it again before the year is out.


Nurse led drop in centre say: I've likely sprained big trapezoid muscle, which would take around two weeks to start feeling completely better. So take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. Full range of movement available from both shoulders. Excess movement in left should probably just an elongated tendon, talk to GP next time, but don't worry about it. So I won't.


Saw Bond in Basingstoke with: Fuzz, [ profile] piesandmash, March and March.

America has exploding petrol. Europe doesn't.

As spotted byFran.


Read "Kitty and the Midnight Hour" by Carrie Vaughn (first recommended to me by [ profile] makyo over three years ago!) basically in one sitting. Train and tube ride home. A bit before going to sleep. Then a bit more as I was over 3/4 of the way through. Took around 2.5 to 3 hours.

Basic premis: A werewolf running a late call in night show on the supernatural. Werewolves, Vampires, and other unspecified things (and lists only get three items in before being interrupted) are real, but generally try and stay hidden from public view.

Cut for world spoilers. Not really plot spoilers. )


More love for the UK online battery shop. They spotted a mistake in some invoices from ages ago, so sent out a polite email with an updated invoice, telling me that I can ignore it, unless I was using it for VAT reasons. I like when shops own up to things without prompting.
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Allowing time for shipping from America (often "don't even ask where it is until 6 weeks time"), it's about time for me to start looking at webcomic stores to see if there's anything I need to order for Christmas delivery.


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