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I finally finished the little blighter.

Beware you dreamers and sensitive souls, for he will nuzzle your brains, and drive you mad!

The least bit of knowledge about his horrendous (acrylic) nature would drive your sanity from our body faster than I can drop a stitch. That said here's the pattern that came to me from no where:

Pattern for Conical Cranium Crochet Cthulhu )

Creative Commons License
Conical Cranium Crochet Cthulhu Pattern by cdave is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

{ETA: correction to Key}
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or what I did in 20 mins this lunch time.

Yog-Snowthoth the snowman )
Bride and Groom spotted in the snow )
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Simple fractal generation using TSQL. Supremely geeky and pointless. I love it.

Felted Cthulhu Santa, delivering a Cephalopody Christmas.

New Icon (third and hopefully final attempt at blond one) courtesy of a locked down work PC, and a graphics programme you don't have to install.
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I haven't had any time to knit all week, so no further progress. I've just realised that I didn't post the milestone I reached at the Cock last Thursday.

I can stop increasing, the hat is big enough.

Scary photos, of me wearing a half done hat )

Next step is to work out the patterns for the eyes and wings.
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Phrases that have caught my eye in the last 24 hours:

Describing an automatic carwash as a "Get Eaten by Cthulhu" attraction.

it’s funny because it’s offensive. Much like Chris Rock, or Michael Jackson’s face.

[ profile] makyo was
reminded of
a remark I saw on usenet a few years back. Someone had said something gormless and/or wrong, and had been called on it. They'd replied, defensively, "Well I'm entitled to my opinion" to which another poster had replied "No you're not - you're entitled to your *informed* opinion".

iBon sent me the following:
4 Moffat facts )

Anyway, that's enough Moff facts. None of them will probably lead to anything anyway. And none are as entertaining as the Vin Diesel Facts either.

If RTD is to go, it's as good an appointment as they could possibly have made.

Moffat, that is, not Vin Diesel.
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The advantage of knitting a hat top down, is that I don't need to know the gauge at all. I was just doing that way so that I could leave the needles in as place holders for where the scarf and tenticals would join.

Photo, and pattern thus far. )

I saw another interesting technique at Angel Knits last night. I didn't find out if it had a name, so I'm calling it Cuttlefish edging. Cast on twice as many stitches as you need then decrease to the number you need in about 4 or 5 rows. It leaves a random wavey edge that looks something like a cuttlefish wing. I thinkg that'll look good at the back between the tenticles

So far the techniques I want to use on this are.
Knitting in the round (Hat)
Increases (top down hat)
Decreases (Ribbing wouldn't look right, so I need to tighten the bottom of the hat the hard way)
Reverse Cuttlefish (for the back)
Braids (for the start of the scarf)
icords (for the front tentacles)
Fair Isle (using dark green wool to make patterned eyes)

This is turning into quite a complex little project :)
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I finished both of my first projects last week.

Pictures and write up )

I tried about three or four time to start the Cthulhu hat at the weekend, from the top down. But despite a rather useful video on small diameter circular knitting (Thanks Nikki) I couldn't get the hang of it.

I think I'm going to have to start with a larger tube just to practice. I've got no idea what to make though. I suppose I could just make a little pouch to keep the random foreign currency I've got on my desk in. Hmm.
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Eastercon write up coming tonight, hopefully. Quick preview:

There was a bit of recurring phrase going around:
"It's coming, and we need to be ready for it."

In one of Cory's panels It was ebook readers.
In [ profile] autopope's case It is your grandchildren discovering everything you've ever written online.
And several people thought It would be the forthcoming Zombie apocalypse.

I was thinking that it would make an interesting panel on what is coming, that will change the world, and that we need to start preparing for...

... when I had a flash of inspiration for what to do with my black and too dark green wool.


While a Portal Scarf would be neat, it would probably be out of date by the time I finished it. Whereas Cthulu's powers seems to have endured vast trackless eons that the human mind cowers in terror from.

Thinking about doing a pattern on a scarf, I was worried that it would turn on my neck and face the wrong way. This way I can do a tube on my little circular needles, with tentacles running up it. Maybe I could even stuff the end, to make a head. I won't even have to count stitches, because tentacles should waver. Ooh, and I can use the cable cross over thing I've been practising to make them cross over each other.

{edit: s/Cuthulu/Cthulu/g}


Dec. 19th, 2007 05:15 pm
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I've missed the first day of Agnostica, "the only truly secular winter celebration". but I'm not too late to participate in the global Random Bag of fun. I missed last year, but I've participated in the previous two. It's great. Slightly geeky gifts for all!

Macroeconomic effects (such as recession, and recoveries) in a 1970's babysitter's co-op.
seen at [ profile] major_clanger's moonbase.

Teach your geeklet to read with Cthulhu.
Illustrated by Erica Hhenderson

And finally a rather nifty recipe for Lemonade. I wonder if it works mulled?


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