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It looks like lewis (the capatcha busting Japanese random text/chat log surrealist spammer) is back again.

I've seen two of my f-list comment that they've been hit with Japanese text for the first time. I'm worried that it selects new people via f-lists, and has chosen mine. Although they're both TAFF nominees, so maybe it's political ;).

Posting frequency is way downfrom it's hight, but I still get a few a month. Usually in a cluster.

Any Lewis victims ever stop getting posts, without f-locking everything, or disabling anonymous comments?
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I see you've moved house Lewis, how is

Spell casting! L-e-e-e-e-w-i-s.


{ETA: Yep 13:02 two anon Japanese comments from that IP}
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Mythology of the Modern World takes on the question of Why do we get spam email that’s complete gibberish or random sentences from books strung together?

Dale’s one failing, if you could call it that, was a persistant belief that one man could make the world — the whole world — a better place. And with that belief came a corralary: one had a responsibility to try his very best to do just that.

In Dale’s case, he saw the internet as the key.

If you've been getting, link free, unsolicited, capatcha defeating, anonymous comment spam (often in Japanese) from IPs that start with 125.1* (in particular could you raise a support request?

They've temporarily blocked this at least twice, but keep reverting it.

Let's try a bit of mass mailing ourselves.
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The random-words / chat-log-paste / no-links-included spammer back, and it's on good old

Since this can defeat re-captchas, and seems to come in bursts of the odd message a few hours, then nothing, I really think this is a person.

I'd like to go through the f-list of everyone whose been affected and see if the people on their f-list have been making comments / posts that correlate to these times. But that sounds like a bit of a mammoth task, and I don't have time to undertake it at the moment.
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Please ignore this post. Just trying an incantation out.

Spellcasting L-E-W-I-S!

{ETA: Yep the J-Spam can defeat re-captcha!}
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I'm fed up with this J-spam. If you've had any recently could you go comment on this support request IPs and idea's especially welcome.

If you don't know what I'm talking about by, or Lewis then casadetodd has a good explanation.


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