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Don't think I'll get around to these, but should really. Plus posting on Friday means no-one will see this anyway.

  • Conrunner
    • Never seen a better populated programme stream :) Lots of notes.

  • Stopping a fight
    • Just a slice of life post describing the 30 minutes or so I spent after I came out of a late night tube into blazing row.

  • SFX weekender
    • +New 2 day convention!
    • - ... on Friday and Saturday, with no Sunday programme.

    • +Shed loads of authors
    • -... on a small stage at the back of a noisy pub, and no clue in programme if it was a reading, interview, talk, Q&A, or Ukulele session.

    • +Hanging with friends
    • -... who I didn't seem to see a lot of on Friday.

    • +Dead cheap as these things go!
    • ... but then the accommodation was mouldy stained and frayed.

    • +Went for a swin in the pool (never managed get round to at a con before)
    • -... at noon, as it wasn't open in the morning.

    • etc. Essentially there were lots of little things wrong, but I think the killer is state of the accommodation. Just see what others have said.

  • Good Customer Service - I always mention the bad stuff, so should do the good too.
    • Echo Bazzar A turn based RPG text adventure (with log in via twitter). I emailed them to claim responsability for a bug fix they rolled out. They said they'd spotted it anyway, but still gave me a bug hunter's prize.

    • I emailed the manufacturers of Killer Bunnies to say that one of my cards was damaged in the packaging, and they sent me a free replacement, and a bonus playable card that they must have given out at a convention or something :)

I'm back!

Jun. 22nd, 2009 02:15 pm
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A month ago (before I left) I was playing catch up at work, to ensure the hols would not be revoked. While I was away I only had a few evenings with net access. And I'm now back at work playing catch up. So still not reading LJ unfiltered. Anything I've missed while I've been away?

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May be elaborated on this evening.

Reading Beer Festival.
Sci-Fi London: Anime All Nighter.
London Zine Symposium. Speaking of which mental note.
Slow Down London walk: Bentley Priory & deer park I'd dressed for warm weather, so gave up when it was tiping down and windy at Stanmore station. Instead:
London Aquarium.
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Anyone care to join me at a pervasive games night next Wednesday?

Last time I went to Sandpit, I ended up in a Mexican thumb war, so missed out on the pervasive outside round London stuff.

Wednesday 22 April 6:30 at the ICA. It'll cost £4 this time to be guaranteed a slot on one of the 3 biggest games of the night. I'll buy my ticket tonight.

Oh, and current to-be written posts:

Eastercon - Utterly utterly fabulous weekend. Don't think I made it to a single thing that was directly about SF. Oops. ToDo: Programming I did make it to and highlights. The in-depth report will go into a fanzine I appear to have announced I'll do by Plokta.con. [ profile] bohemiancoast, Bill Burns, [ profile] johncoxon, [ profile] ceemage, agreed (in principle) to write something for it :D

Reading List. Two Novels. Two Fanzines. About 10 Comics.

Currently to-be written posts that are looking like they won't get done:

Webcomix Thing con-report.

Picocon con report.
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Owing to being really busy at work, and (when I get out on time) in the evenings, I've not posted much recently. So here's my current list of things I don't have time to do justice to:

  • Dating
    • Having seen a couple of people point to a flawed article on dating amongst other things has made me want to try and write an Introspection post on the topic, so I can get my own head around my own thoughts on it.
  • RaceFail '09
    • I've spent many hours I don't have to spare reading up on the past three of months this fandom wide argument, and come to the conclusion that I don't have anything useful I could say.
    • I may or may not keep reading, but given that you would find it hard it hard to tell if I had, lets not worry.
  • Avenue Q
    • Went to go see this at the weekend with Dad. Very good.
    • Particularity enjoyed the song "Everyone's a little bit racist".
    • For some reason I got tunes from The Little Mermaid stuck in my head afterwards.
      • What is the correct way to include A Title in a sentence about "a title"?
  • Images

    • New Shelves (from Islington Council's version of freecycle)
      • Photobucket
        How do I get in my room now?

      • Photobucket
        I just put these up, how are they full already?
      • Also: That's a lot of cr*p on my door too. Time to clear that down.
    • "Northern Irish" flag

      • Remember that artsy new flag for Northern Ireland?
        Well over the weekend it got caught in the string, and today seems to have been torn in half. Nature causing art to imitate life?
  • My Mad war with [ profile] chiller
  • A repost from my Facebook wall explaining why I was explaining maths to Jehovah's Witnesses
    • Gödel's incompleteness theorem is a mathematical proof that in any sufficiently complex system of arithmetic, there will statements that you cannot prove as true or false.

      E.g. Tell me if the sentence on the next line is true or false:
      This sentence is false.

      You can assume the statement is true and develop a whole branch of maths off of that. Or you can assume it is false and develop a whole different branch of maths.

      This is what I personally believe about God. The question is undecidable. You can form a coherent set of beliefs starting from the assumption that there is a deity/pantheon of some sort. You can form a coherent set of beliefs starting from the assumption that there is no God. But since it's not provable either way this seems like a waste of time.

      This is why my religion on Facebook is Evangelical (I like telling people this) Strong Agnostic (I believe you cannot disprove a god).

  • Meta post
    • Given how little time I seem to have to blog I wanted to take a look at why I do again. Culminating in a poll asking you to pick one of my tags: Diary, Link, Introspection, Reveiws.

    • Ironically, I don't have time for this.
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Dull whittering/thinking out loud about Ikea bookshelves )

What I did at the Weekend and Reading list update still still to come.
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Dave Gorman may have grown up a bit since documentary comedy days, but not much.
He's 38 and not especially fit. 1500 miles. 32 days in the saddle. 32 nights on the stage. His Mum's told him not to do it but he won't listen.
Dave Gorman:Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop And Stand Up will see the intrepid comedian covering the extremes of the British mainland as he travels from this land's southernmost point to its northernmost tip, taking in the most easterly and westerly points along the way.
High Wycombe is the closest he gets to London, and it's on a Saturday. I may well go.

How would you follow up Unicorn vomiting swearing rainbows?
With a Unicorn crimping off a princess of course!

I certainly never thought I'd post a link to Cyanide and Happiness commenting on the art.

It's basically a stick figure comic with little to no continuity, focusing on offensive humour. Basically C&H is to XKCD as 4Chan is to Slashdot.

Managing to convey an increasingly awkward pause across 4 panels with it's minimalist style was very well done, and a reminder you don't need hyper realism to render various emotions.

Reading list, and What I did at the Weekend post to follow.


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