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I'm at skip=200 going back to see others posts, but before that here's my thoughts.

Cut for spoilers )
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All of these deserve more space, but time is fleeting.

Why I dislike spoilers. At the end of the 2006 series of Dr Who, I thought it had a week more to run, so the ending was a real surprise. I watched it on DVD box set recently, and didn't realise the last disk was all extras, so the same thing happened again.

Response to a tlanti post, on how I MacGyvered my way into my house once.

Seeing how few of chiller's friends sleep well, post a poll asking how often people know that they have dreamed.

Impressions of last week's work travel. Business class to Karachi.

Next reading list:
Finished reading JPod.
Nighthawks spotted Good Dog, Bad Dog in the DFC. And Dead Like Me. Wish I could remember the first time I was aware of this painting. It was in the last few months I'm sure.
Finished reading Perdido Street Station.

When I caught a bus coming the other day, as I was walking past the bus stop I said "bonus" out loud. I think that's a nice phrase, and wanted to blog about why. Not sure I've ever heard anyone say it as an exclamation if happiness though.
Chatted to lady waiting at stop on Northern line cursing me.

Blog about the Alternative Press Fair.

Been tagged to do a 16 things about me meme.

Been a while since I re-did a Myres Briggs test and that one looks good as it shows you relative strengths of them (I was borderline on the last two iirc).

That's Who.

Jan. 6th, 2009 01:00 pm
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The no-prize is split between to [ profile] feorag, Neil,
[ profile] fiat_knox, and [ profile] ool272.
None of whom know each other from what I know.
{edit: This surprised me as I tend to think most of the people on LJ all know each other via fandom. Instead we have a a knitter, a fellow Warwick survior, an ex-colleague and 2 fans (who haven't met).}

My headphones are broken, and I forgot to bring a book or pen with me, so I grabbed a London Paper on the tube last night. I was lulled into a false sense of security, thinking the article was going to about a pop singer's latest slagging match, but it was rumours that she'd be the next assistant to the new Doctor. *sigh*

Who's who?

Jan. 5th, 2009 11:35 am
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I feel like the Likely Lads trying to avoid the result of the England Bulgaria match before the highlights show.

I really don't want to know that there is a new Doctor, let alone who it is. It spoils the dramatic tension, as I know he's going to regenerate soon.

So far I've been warned by two separate Maxes to avoid Saturday night TV (unlike 7 million viewers who tuned in to find out), Livejournal (out of the first 8 posts on this, only two were cut tagged), and to be wary around the Today programme.

[Poll #1325686]

So far I've caught a glimpse of a photo in my peripheral vision on a webcomic blog and in today's Metro, but caught the headlines, and fled both times. So I know it's someone with dark hair, who I don't recognise out of the corner of my eye.
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Jim: how can The Rani, run in high heels?

easy, she’s a time lord, they’re probably shorter on the inside than on the outside.

A Graphic designer's take on the web 2008
seen over at the engineer's.
Knitted Dalek Toilet roll cover.
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That was utter shite, but in the best possible way.

overheard from Evil Flea
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Phrases that have caught my eye in the last 24 hours:

Describing an automatic carwash as a "Get Eaten by Cthulhu" attraction.

it’s funny because it’s offensive. Much like Chris Rock, or Michael Jackson’s face.

[ profile] makyo was
reminded of
a remark I saw on usenet a few years back. Someone had said something gormless and/or wrong, and had been called on it. They'd replied, defensively, "Well I'm entitled to my opinion" to which another poster had replied "No you're not - you're entitled to your *informed* opinion".

iBon sent me the following:
4 Moffat facts )

Anyway, that's enough Moff facts. None of them will probably lead to anything anyway. And none are as entertaining as the Vin Diesel Facts either.

If RTD is to go, it's as good an appointment as they could possibly have made.

Moffat, that is, not Vin Diesel.
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The BBC take down of Dr. Who knitting patterns made it to a brief mention on the Today show headlines. Surliminal posted a couple of reactions with regard to fan sites and copyrights.

Latest Hat Progress )It was pointed out to me that knitted hats should be floppy. I think I'm using too small needles for the wool. Ah well, at least with stitches this dense it'll keep my head warm.
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I had a really top notch weekend. I normally don't do diary type entries, but I thought I'd give it a go. Plus I reckon there's a chance I'll look back on this in the future and smile. There doesn't seem to be anything private in it, so I'm not going to lock it.

Friday: 100 blank white cards & Wii )

Saturday: Cross Trainer, Haircut, Fancy Dress Party )
Sunday: Iron Man, Flimsy Crotch )
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A friend just sent me the link to The Ten Doctors. It's absolutely brilliant. It's a webcomic by a huge Dr Who fan, where all ten of Doctor Who's incarnations meet up. He's done a really god job of capturing each character's likeness, and personality. And it's really funny too. Rose's reaction to Ace is just perfect. Did I mention that all the and the various assistants are there too?

In the text under the comics he explains where in the continuity each Dr come from. And the implications of the Time War on the other Doctors. And quite specific props. He's a huge fan Smiling

I've only just started reading, but it's been going for quite a while now, so there's lots of archive to catch up on.

X-posted to snarkoleptics comments there
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It looks like the BBC are stamping down on knitting patterns, watch out any Whovian crafters/fan ficers out there.
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The arXive blog is a brilliant site posting about some of the more interesting scientific papers that appear on the famous pre-print server.

Thanks to [ profile] fiat_knox for the link

While on there I ran across a recent observation that suggests that Dark Matter exists, and it can't be explained by modifying gravity, or rotational mechanics.

There's a Cluster of Galaxies that have ripped through another like a bullet. Using different techniques it's possible to look at the stars, the dust, and the Dark Matter concentrations separately. It's clear that the Dark Matter has raced ahead, since it hasn't been slowed by collisions with matter.

In tangentially related matters, I've been thinking about the foreshadowing in Dr Who.

Are the hints of things to come like Chekhov's guns, and will come to pass. Or are they like Hitchcock's bombs, and will build tension before a big switch?

{edit: size of bullet based very loosly off this}
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I'm currently cat sitting for an ex-neighbour of mine, while their on holiday. This has given me the opportunity to shamelessley pillage her daughter's book shelves, and I'm reading the entire Diana Wynne Jones back catalogue.

It suddenly struck me that Chrestomanci, and the current run of Dr Who, are really very similar. They're both Dues ex machina characters who turn up in strange worlds, or this world in a strange situation, get in trouble, then save the day for every one.

Most Dr Who episodes tend to start with the Dr turning up, and we follow the assitant as the problem is revealed ("Love and Monsters", and "Blink" being the exceptions). Where as in most Chrestomanci stories, we tend to see the problem developing, and Chrestomanci sweeps in much later. I think this perfectly reflects their mediums. Television tends to be very quick moving, whereas in a novel, there's a lot more time to lay the ground work.


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