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Let's look at the Evil League Of Evil's Sad Puppie's demands:

Larry Correia

First and foremost, you guys need to decide, once and for all, what the Hugo Awards really are. There are two choices.
It is the most prestigious award which represents the best works in all of fandom.It is a little award, for one little group of people, at one convention.
You can’t have both. Pick one, stake your flag on it, and we will proceed from there.

Brad R. Torgersen

So the totem is ours too. We have claim on it. It is “the most prestigious award” for everybody. And everybody agrees on this.
Either that, or change the branding, and call the Hugos, “The little award, for the little crowd at Worldcon.”

So it's clear they're simply asking for offical hugo award administrators to stop using the word "prestigious" on the one place it apears on their offical site.

The Hugo Awards about page

The Hugo Awards, presented annually since 1955, are science fiction’s most prestigious award. The Hugo Awards are voted on by members of the World Science Fiction Convention (“Worldcon”), which is also responsible for administering them.

They're just asking for an edit to one page. Unless that's just a smokescreen to make it look like a barely resonable argument, and not what the puppies really want.

Not to mention that one of my stated goals was to demonstrate that SJWs would have a massive freak out if somebody with the wrong politics got on. So on the slate it went. I nominated Vox Day because Satan didn’t have any eligible works that period.

emphasis mine.
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Only 5 memberships left!

Guess who is number 895?
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Don't think I'll get around to these, but should really. Plus posting on Friday means no-one will see this anyway.

  • Conrunner
    • Never seen a better populated programme stream :) Lots of notes.

  • Stopping a fight
    • Just a slice of life post describing the 30 minutes or so I spent after I came out of a late night tube into blazing row.

  • SFX weekender
    • +New 2 day convention!
    • - ... on Friday and Saturday, with no Sunday programme.

    • +Shed loads of authors
    • -... on a small stage at the back of a noisy pub, and no clue in programme if it was a reading, interview, talk, Q&A, or Ukulele session.

    • +Hanging with friends
    • -... who I didn't seem to see a lot of on Friday.

    • +Dead cheap as these things go!
    • ... but then the accommodation was mouldy stained and frayed.

    • +Went for a swin in the pool (never managed get round to at a con before)
    • -... at noon, as it wasn't open in the morning.

    • etc. Essentially there were lots of little things wrong, but I think the killer is state of the accommodation. Just see what others have said.

  • Good Customer Service - I always mention the bad stuff, so should do the good too.
    • Echo Bazzar A turn based RPG text adventure (with log in via twitter). I emailed them to claim responsability for a bug fix they rolled out. They said they'd spotted it anyway, but still gave me a bug hunter's prize.

    • I emailed the manufacturers of Killer Bunnies to say that one of my cards was damaged in the packaging, and they sent me a free replacement, and a bonus playable card that they must have given out at a convention or something :)
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There was serious science fiction, silly fun, fandom, crafting, and beer galore. All that and yet it was very lightly programmed with at most two rooms and scheduled breaks to go and take advantage of the incredibly cheap food.

On a more personal note I think I can no longer call myself a neo fan. I recognised about 2/3 of the members names before the con, and actually managed to talk to quite a lot of people over the weekend I'd only really nodded in passing at before.

I didn't manage to see the pool that everyone seemed to be raving about, or much of the grounds and bunnies. However I don't think it's fair to blame that entirely on my naive desire to do the programme. It's more like the 7 hours so I spent cutting, folding, getting confused, refolding, getting gin, rerefolding, and gluing together the spectacular behemoth that was the papercraft Howl's Moving Castle.
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This isn't going to be a con-report. Just noting down what was happening, which comes to several hundred words in itself. I'm not sure if I'll do a full report on LJ or save it for a fanzine. Or given the length a full report would be, do a highlights bit for a fanzine?

My Eastercon Schedule )

Massive massive thanks to all those who helped make this such a great weekend. The committee, staff, ops crew, gophers, and programme participants. I'd particularly like to thank [ profile] hawkida, Elanor, and Tamar, all three of whom I saw were rarely off duty and missed most of the programming, instead making sure that it all happened for us.
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Anyone care to join me at a pervasive games night next Wednesday?

Last time I went to Sandpit, I ended up in a Mexican thumb war, so missed out on the pervasive outside round London stuff.

Wednesday 22 April 6:30 at the ICA. It'll cost £4 this time to be guaranteed a slot on one of the 3 biggest games of the night. I'll buy my ticket tonight.

Oh, and current to-be written posts:

Eastercon - Utterly utterly fabulous weekend. Don't think I made it to a single thing that was directly about SF. Oops. ToDo: Programming I did make it to and highlights. The in-depth report will go into a fanzine I appear to have announced I'll do by Plokta.con. [ profile] bohemiancoast, Bill Burns, [ profile] johncoxon, [ profile] ceemage, agreed (in principle) to write something for it :D

Reading List. Two Novels. Two Fanzines. About 10 Comics.

Currently to-be written posts that are looking like they won't get done:

Webcomix Thing con-report.

Picocon con report.
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Quoth el reg:
Next week's sees the British National Science Fiction gathering in Bradford, where the great and the bearded will be discussing the RepRap project for self-building machines amongst other things

In Ansible's "As Others See Us" style.

So since I don't have a beard, I must be one of the great!


Mar. 27th, 2009 11:44 am
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Anyone looking for a room share for plokta.con? {ETA: sorted out now}

Also, bit last minute posting this here, but I'm going to the Thing tomorrow.

AKA The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing
AAKA The Webcomix Thing
AAAKA The Mile End Thing.

It's a great place to find small press comics, and meet their creators. There's a few webcomics people there too. This year they've actually got a few pannels, which they havent' had for the last couple of years.

As well as browsing work I don't know about:

I'm going to squee at: Sarah McIntyre, Caroline Parkinson, Reckless Youth, John Allison, Diesel Sweeties, and Beaver and Steve.

I'll keep an eye out for anything new by: Factor Fiction, Modern Monstrosity, Ninja Bunny, Fetishman, REET!, and Tozo.
{ETA2: I should point out that the only reason MM isn't in the squee list is because Oliver Lambden is too cool and relaxed to squee at. I shall just nod my head and say 'sup.}

I'll have a good look at these guys, who I never seem to have take the time to decide if I like, but have seen around a few times: Liz Greenfield, Octopus Pie, Kate Beaton Comics, Anders Loves Maria

Aside: The creators from the DFC have a new shared blog. Excellent.


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