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I realised the other day that despite never keeping a diary, or weighing myself more than once every few months, I can remember my weight at various times. So graph time!

I knew I'd got into the healthy weight bit of the graph, but hadn't realised I was within a year of weighing less than I did when I started uni (if I keep losing weight at the same rate).

How odd. I'm really not focusing on anything particularly to do it.

{ETA: Any Banana Wing fans out there there's a discussion on Imposter Syndrome on radio now.}
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Big thanks to [ profile] major_clanger for inviting me to a talk on invisibility at the IET. It was actually about the new materials with interesting optical properties, that don't exist in nature. His write up is worth a read.

I've tried to find some copies of the ray diagrams from the slide show to illustrate the fantastic properties of this stuff (if you made a milk bottle from it, you would see the milk outside the edge of bottle), but couldn't find any online. If I get time, I'll write them up from memory.
[ profile] chiller has found what causes the squigly things you see when you look up at clear blue sky.

It reminded me of an odd visual distortion I've noticed a few times.

If you press you palms to your closed eyes, applying a light pressure simulates the retina. When I do this I see sort of yellowy-greenish-purple blobs. It wasn't until I tried to photoshop the image you'll see below that I realised this is the colour of magic and being made up from opposite sides of a colour wheel shouldn't exist e.g. (red+green = white, blue + orange = white, yellow+purple=white, etc).

To get the point, I've noticed that I occasionally, when having a shower in the morning, and I'm scrunching my eyes up to stop soap getting in them, I see an Phosphene that looks a bit like this:

It gets brighter the longer and tighter I screw my eyes up. If I leave them closed long enough I even get afterimages. Never happens at any other time.

Anyone else have any intersting visual distortions?

Being a Friday Afternoon I doubt there's many LJ readers out there, but thought I'd ask just in case
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Very busy at work. No lunch break today.


Why do cats sit on papers?


Some photo's of the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. Increasing large bundles of bank notes paying for nothing. An every increasing number of zeros added to new note issued. They knocked 10 zeros off the end earlier this year, and may have to do it again before the year is out.


Nurse led drop in centre say: I've likely sprained big trapezoid muscle, which would take around two weeks to start feeling completely better. So take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. Full range of movement available from both shoulders. Excess movement in left should probably just an elongated tendon, talk to GP next time, but don't worry about it. So I won't.


Saw Bond in Basingstoke with: Fuzz, [ profile] piesandmash, March and March.

America has exploding petrol. Europe doesn't.

As spotted byFran.


Read "Kitty and the Midnight Hour" by Carrie Vaughn (first recommended to me by [ profile] makyo over three years ago!) basically in one sitting. Train and tube ride home. A bit before going to sleep. Then a bit more as I was over 3/4 of the way through. Took around 2.5 to 3 hours.

Basic premis: A werewolf running a late call in night show on the supernatural. Werewolves, Vampires, and other unspecified things (and lists only get three items in before being interrupted) are real, but generally try and stay hidden from public view.

Cut for world spoilers. Not really plot spoilers. )


More love for the UK online battery shop. They spotted a mistake in some invoices from ages ago, so sent out a polite email with an updated invoice, telling me that I can ignore it, unless I was using it for VAT reasons. I like when shops own up to things without prompting.
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I can't get a GP appointment unless it's an emergency (in which case I would go to hospital, surely?) without being registered.

I can't register without filling in some forms, and attending in person. The registration won't be complete until I've had a separate check up. They will let me make an appointment with a GP as soon as I've handed in the forms.

My nearest GP surgery opens almost exactly the latest time I leave the house, and closes at the time I usually get home. They're not open on Saturday. I can't take any time off work to do this this month.

If I slope off work early, I may just have time to grab my passport and a utility bill and register tonight. Then hope they have a late appointment later, and slope off work early again.

If it wasn't for comments I'm not sure I could be bothered.
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About three years ago I got a bit paranoid that my left shoulder was moving differently to my right, so went to see the GP. There was an elderly locum in, who just said something along the lines of "bodies aren't symmetric, don't worry." So I didn't.

A couple of weekends ago I had a wardrobe malfunction, and bruised/strained my neck/left shoulder. And it still aches. So I asked iBon to take a movie of my shoulder blades moving.

Watch those blades move )

Yeuarch! Think I'll try and make an appointment with a local GP tomorrow.
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I just realised how many little bumps and scrapes I've picked up in the last couple of weeks, in the cause of having fun.

Slightly sunburned cheeks: Two Saturdays in Windy Brighton.

Split nail on left middle finger: Brighton Frizbee related mishap.

Rough skin on top of thumbs: It's a compulsion.

Cut under right thumb: Undoing one of those army style belts. I'd had a couple of scrapes there before and had blamed those stupid ring pull cans. I got a really deep cut from them once at uni.

Bruised side: Gentle poke from Radhs, when I was taking the mick. Must have been harder than I thought.

Scab on shin: Bought a reduced Frizbee as the sun was setting in Reading, and forgot to look out for benches.

Sore feet: Running on stones into the sea. Twice. Then standing up most of Sunday telling comic and film fans about our sort of fandom.


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