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Saturday 12:30, Ex-movie military uniform sale North Wembley Station (Not a lot of women's stuff apparently).

Saturday 15:00, Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academey of the Arts. AKA the one with big gun that fires blocks of red wax every 20 mins.

Sunday, day: Frantic last minute sewing.

Sunday evening: The Grand Cosplay Ball.
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[Poll #1487979]

I tweeted a link to this, and someone was creeped out by the headless My Little Pony in the background of the last shot. I can see why dismantling something that holds the potential to be an object which someone feels an emotional connection to could be upsetting. But I must admit I don't really feel it.

{eta: To clarify, it's that model in particular, see also: The 21 Awesomest Superhero Mods for My Little Pony.}
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Owing to being really busy at work, and (when I get out on time) in the evenings, I've not posted much recently. So here's my current list of things I don't have time to do justice to:

  • Dating
    • Having seen a couple of people point to a flawed article on dating amongst other things has made me want to try and write an Introspection post on the topic, so I can get my own head around my own thoughts on it.
  • RaceFail '09
    • I've spent many hours I don't have to spare reading up on the past three of months this fandom wide argument, and come to the conclusion that I don't have anything useful I could say.
    • I may or may not keep reading, but given that you would find it hard it hard to tell if I had, lets not worry.
  • Avenue Q
    • Went to go see this at the weekend with Dad. Very good.
    • Particularity enjoyed the song "Everyone's a little bit racist".
    • For some reason I got tunes from The Little Mermaid stuck in my head afterwards.
      • What is the correct way to include A Title in a sentence about "a title"?
  • Images

    • New Shelves (from Islington Council's version of freecycle)
      • Photobucket
        How do I get in my room now?

      • Photobucket
        I just put these up, how are they full already?
      • Also: That's a lot of cr*p on my door too. Time to clear that down.
    • "Northern Irish" flag

      • Remember that artsy new flag for Northern Ireland?
        Well over the weekend it got caught in the string, and today seems to have been torn in half. Nature causing art to imitate life?
  • My Mad war with [ profile] chiller
  • A repost from my Facebook wall explaining why I was explaining maths to Jehovah's Witnesses
    • Gödel's incompleteness theorem is a mathematical proof that in any sufficiently complex system of arithmetic, there will statements that you cannot prove as true or false.

      E.g. Tell me if the sentence on the next line is true or false:
      This sentence is false.

      You can assume the statement is true and develop a whole branch of maths off of that. Or you can assume it is false and develop a whole different branch of maths.

      This is what I personally believe about God. The question is undecidable. You can form a coherent set of beliefs starting from the assumption that there is a deity/pantheon of some sort. You can form a coherent set of beliefs starting from the assumption that there is no God. But since it's not provable either way this seems like a waste of time.

      This is why my religion on Facebook is Evangelical (I like telling people this) Strong Agnostic (I believe you cannot disprove a god).

  • Meta post
    • Given how little time I seem to have to blog I wanted to take a look at why I do again. Culminating in a poll asking you to pick one of my tags: Diary, Link, Introspection, Reveiws.

    • Ironically, I don't have time for this.
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Finally found out what that flag was:

As part of The [latest exhibition at the Hayward Gallery], Wallinger's 1996 work, Oxymoron - a large Union Jack flag that swaps the traditional British colours of red, white and blue for the Irish flag colours of green, white and orange - will fly on the Jubilee Flagpole on Jubilee Gardens, Southbank Centre.

In my defence it is a very bluey green.

The only place I could find online that mentions this London art, is Yorkshire Evening Post. Huh?


More internet fail:

Web 1.0

Web 2.0
To find out details of meetings at the branch centre nearest to you, visit the London and South East Branch website at From the menu, select "London and South East Branch Calendar" then "Map". On the map, select the drawing pin where your nearest centre is shown. The dates of forthcoming meetings will be displayed. Click on a date to find full details of the meeting.
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This does seem to be the season for Apocalypses.

They're like buses. You wait ages for one, and three show up at one. In order of destructiveness then:

I've just finished reading The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse by Robert Rankin. Very funny, and surprisingly clever, but ultimately only threatened the inhabitants of it's strange illogical, well thought out little universe.

Next up, deep time have just set off a bomb to re-write history in a way of their own choosing, across many, but not quite all, timelines. Our heros have tried to escape using a risky manoeuvre concocted by a machine descended from a spambot (Sorry Charlie!).

Go have a look at the homepage for Starslip crisis today.

It's brilliant! The whole page has been utterly ripped apart!

Last, but not least, a whole bunch of time travel stories have culminated in 13 paradoxes occurring in the closing weeks of 2008 in various Irregular Webcomic strips, taking down every one of the different themes' universes.

The last two weeks' worth of strips have been a fantastic response to that.

He's asked before if 4 black squares can be a comic. This is taking that question to the next level. Can a blank white rectangle be a comic? How about two weeks of colour swatches? I think the answer's yes, and I have actually really enjoyed these last two weeks.

Cross posted to Snarkoleptics
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I saw this quite distinctive photo of a fallen angel caught in telephone cables in the paper last week over a week ago. Given that it's in central London, and open to 7pm for one week only I thought I'd pop down after work.

Some thoughts on the exhibition )

And then I went to the Tate Modern for lunch today a couple of a few days ago to see the new turbine hall exhibition.

Some thoughts on the exhibition )
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Speculation on this week's XKCD )

It's been a while since any of irregular webcomic's characters displayed forbidden knowledge and 1390 threw me a little.It's one thing to have a GM shout down from on high that they are cheating, but it's quite another to be reminder that Lambert isn't actually supposed to be a hobbit, but an RPGer playing at being a hobbit. When they normally do it, all you see is the pieces talking to each other. So in the first panel I "saw" Lambert. The statement that the RPGer wasn't in the same room as the others anymore was a real jerk, as I have no mental image of what Lambert's RPGer looks like.

Cross posted to Snarkoleptics. Comments welcome there.
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Given that I seem to be the Modal Average age for a Ravelry knitter, I've just requested an account.

I've currently got a couple of small swatchy projects on the go, mostly to just to practice with. I've just bought some black wool for my first real project. I liked the idea of a computer terminal green on black scarf, but couldn't find the right shade of green. Then I realised I have a little yellow wool, so I'm tempted to do a Portal scarf. With an Aperture Science logo on one end and a slice of cake on the other. Maybe I'll end up on the Portal fan site.

I think GLaDOS would like these potentially fatal works of art more though.
seen at starslip crisis's temporal log.

Note to self: Smallest and Largest possible Aperture logo references.


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