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So far it's taken over 10 helpdesk calls to sort out find out what's going with the stupid stupid Verified by Vista phishing look-a-like payment site. (MasterCard SecureCode is the same damn thing).

If a payment site:
appears in an embeded iframe (with no way of seeing the URL),
or in a pop-up with out an address bar,
or comes up after I've already entered my card details and asks for them again,
or triggers a javascript XSS warning on noScript,
or only lists a phone number which is not valid ( 0870 154 0121 );
then I'm not going to trust it!

Here are some valid numbers:

0844 811 9111 Customer service: Takes a while to get through the menus but eventually a human told me there was no failed transaction on my account, but there was a £1 charge due to expire on the 10th. However they can't help with the site (and as an aside only have access to 6 months of account data).

0870 156 6485 Barclaycard Secure/3D Secure queries: Only for Debit cards, can't help with Credit card problems.

0844 811 9152 Barclaycard Secure/3D Secure queries: Only for Credit card, can't help with debit card. Only one that seems to be based overseas.

They said that the receipt history page isn't receipts, it's a list of attempted transactions. Clearly. The transaction that was showing up on there was a failed transaction. Even though there's no indication of this. I eventually paid again, and apart from a slightly higher Receipt ID the two "receipts" look identical.


If I see a site uses Vilified by Visa, or MasterCard SuckyCode, then I'll will first see if there is another payment option. Then see if there is another site selling the same thing. Then consider if I really need to spend money, before going through all this again.

Then the shop downstairs closed as I walked up to it.
Then vending machine wasn't taking pound coins, so I went and got change.
Then it wasn't taking change.
Then the coffee shop had a massive queue.
So no sugar for Dave.
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I'm a bit late to this bit of internet drama, but I've not seen it on LJ yet, and it strikes me that some of you would be interested in it.

Boing boing caught deleting posts about someone they don't like anymore, and won't say why they don't.

Hypocrisy pure and simple.

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I'm off to see masked mexican wrestling in Camden next month.

I can tell you about this now, since the Roundhouse have just updated their daft linking policy since I emailed them about it. It originally said:

You may link to our home page, provided you do so in a way that is fair and legal and does not damage our reputation or take advantage of it, but you must not establish a link in such a way as to suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement on our part where none exists.

You must not establish a link from any website that is not owned by you.

Since I'd agrered to these terms when buying tickets I couldn't post a link to Lucha Libre London, since it's not the home page; or any link on LiveJournal, since I don't own it. Glad they've updated it.

Still there's hundreds of sites that have an identical daft linking policy
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The food at the Cock has taken a turn for the worse.

No longer can you get a nice cheap fish finger sandwich, or chicken kiev. They won't even let you buy a couple of bowl of chips for the table to share.

I tried their steak and ale pie (small, Tesco's own), with chips (arrived as mash) and vegetables (luke warm carrots and peas). Most disappointing.

They did make up for it (with a free pint, and (top secret) bowl of chips) but I'm not eating there again unless they change the menu.

Instead I'm heading over the road to Carluchios. A nice Italian delicatessens, and restaurant. They stop selling sandwiches after lunch time, but you can pick up a hunk of the most amazing foccacia bread and several slices of fine salami for less than two quid. Bargin!
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From here.

5) Two Screen called back to say that had provided them with my number. So I called them on 01245 397570, and they said they'd remove my number from their database, and would look into where they'd got it from and call me back.
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A quick round the block.

I just got a message from 83008 by textcosmo (the new name of cosmotext, who used to send from 67778).

Here's some good tips on how to deal with textcosmo, and their ilk.

1) Call your operator and check if you've been charged.

2) Call the premium rate regulator, on 0800 500212 to get the name and number of the txt spammer, and tell them to ask the spammer to remove your number.
Also register a complaint if you've been charged.

3) Call them (Dialogue Communications on 0870 0790400 in this case) and ask to be taken off their database, and confirm if they are responsible for sending you the message.

4) Call the company that actual sent you the message (Two Screen on 0870 4791158) and ask them to remove your number (belt and braces aproach) and ask them how the hell they got it in the first place.

The answer phone says they'll reply withing 24 hours. We'll see.

Message include incase anyone's searching for the spamming gits.
FreeMsg: Txt YES to 83008 and claim your free reward of 200 SM to use from! Subscribe 6GBP/mnth inc 200sms.16 stop?txtStop

Bleugh. Attention Theives.

Reef food

Jan. 25th, 2008 09:46 am
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Sugar Reef bar has a January sale on, with 50% off food and drink (after 7:30, if you bring a voucher, one per customer per evening).

So I was a little surprised when one of the people we went with was late, as he'd stopped for a burger. I wasn't surprised when my (burnt) chicken burger turned up an hour and a half after I'd ordered it. Without the bacon and cheese.

Small wonder it was half deserted.
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Grr! I've just spent about an hour and half trying to book tickets to Canada.

I was thinking about visiting some friends out there and was told today that had a sale on that finished today.

I visited, entered the flight details and got a price. I thought I should compare it, so looked a couple of other flight sites. By the time I'd come back my session had expired.

So I went back to the start and saw the section on air miles. I haven't flown transatlantic recently so I looked into that and decided I should probably get a bmi card, rather than aircanada's own one. Of course this meant the site timed out.

Back to the beginning again. And this time, when prompted, I tried to create an account on the site to save all my information, so I wouldn't have to enter it again. It wouldn't accept a UK mobile as the contact number, and I have no landline at the moment. Meanwhile, timeout.

Restarting again, I got as far as the payment section, and found that they have implimented "Visa Secure services" which means that the only way to pay is to agree to the terms and conditions of this market^h^h^h^h^h^h security exercise. I read them, clicked acknowledge, and Visa returned me to an aircanada timeout screen.

Round and round the Mulberry bush. After restarting and entering my credit card details again, and passing Visa's Security, I get taken back to aircanada page telling me that they cannot accept payment as the price has changed. It looked the same to me so I asked for assistance on the site, and some called me straight away (I'm glad the time diff is minus 5 hours). He said that the prices are all dynamic and are updated if someone else books a seat on the same flight as you. I pointed out that what with the sale the price hadn't changed. He told me to just enter my card details again, but I had been timed out.

At this point I took a brief break from aircanada. As, after entering my card details so many times I realised my card was about to expire, and I didn't have the replacement yet, so I called my card issuer. It seems they still have my old address and daft me hadn't noticed the statements not arriving (I pay the full amount by DD, and only use it rarely anyway). So I asked them cancel the card they'd sent to my old address, and send me another new one to my new address.

Back to aircanada, enter flight details, payment details. Card declined. Sigh

Back on the phone to the card issuer. It turns out that the last person I'd spoke to had changed my address on the system, cancelled my current card, and left the card sent to my old address active. Grr! They can't reactivate cards, and aircanada don't take debit cards. I couldn't reach my parents, so started begging round the people who'd stayed late at the office, offering to pay cash tomorrow. One very nice guy agreed to pay with his card.

Time to fill in the aircanada site details again, this time with his card. However he got the Mastercard secure verification screen pop up. He failed. He thought he'd used the wrong phone number first, but it wasn't that. Then he spotted that the post code field wasn't long enough to cope with London post codes, and had missed the last letter. So he deleted the space, didn't change the phone number back and failed for the third time. Which blocks you from using your card online.

He kindly filled in the details again with another card, while on the phone trying to unblock his first card via the 0844 number provided (they couldn't, he may never be able to use that one online), and it went through!

So I make the 8 times filling in flight information, 5 credit card number entries, and 4 phone calls. Hasn't the internet made our life so much easier?


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