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1) Hypothesis: You should chew your food thirty times before swallowing.
Split a bottle of sink de-clogger between 4 glasses, and cut a steak into bite sized chunks and split between 4 bags.
i) Empty 1 bag into a glass.
ii) Hit 1 bag with a tenderiser 10 times before emptying it into a glass.
iii) Hit 1 bag with a tenderiser 30 times before emptying it into a glass.
vi) Hit 1 bag with a tenderiser 50 times before emptying it into a glass.
After 4 hours sieve and weigh the remaining solids.
Expected Results:
i) Lots left.
ii) Some left.
iii) Little left.
iv) Not too different from iii)

2) Hypothesis: People can't divine for metal.
Stolen from Dawkins.
Experimenter 1 places a metal object under a small fraction of a number of buckets, records this, and leaves.
Experimenter 2, without meeting Experimenter 1 leads the diviner into the room, and lets them test each bucket with divining sticks, and records the result.
The experimenters results are compared.
Expected results:
The number of buckets whose contents are correctly identified is not significantly higher than would be expected if the selection was at random (this number to be determined before the experiment starts).

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Dec. 19th, 2007 05:15 pm
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I've missed the first day of Agnostica, "the only truly secular winter celebration". but I'm not too late to participate in the global Random Bag of fun. I missed last year, but I've participated in the previous two. It's great. Slightly geeky gifts for all!

Macroeconomic effects (such as recession, and recoveries) in a 1970's babysitter's co-op.
seen at [ profile] major_clanger's moonbase.

Teach your geeklet to read with Cthulhu.
Illustrated by Erica Hhenderson

And finally a rather nifty recipe for Lemonade. I wonder if it works mulled?
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Quick Meme I just made up.

How often do you use upper class, and middle class words?

My score: 16/30. Slightly Posh.

I was particularly amused by Cheers / Good Health, as I almost always make people drink to good health for the first drink with a meal :)
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Aaron Diaz has published a transcription of a recently uncovered cave painting, believed to be by a member of the species Homo Erectus. It appears to be thorough refutation of the 'Quickening'. A theory that based on the following premise:

"It took more than a million years to develop fire and the hand-ax, and yet Klomp believes simply because it took only 2,000 years to develop bows and arrows that new inventions will spring up in even shorter timeframes."

Dresden Codak is an gorgeous, surreal webcomic that often riffs on science, philosophy, and the singularity.


Aug. 30th, 2007 05:59 pm
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I was in danger of getting a bit serious there. Quick read the list of E-mail Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying to Give Out Over the Phone out loud.

Seen at the Librarything Thingology thingie.

Best use of sacrasm in a blog / diary goes to [ profile] frandowdsofa for "We appear to have run out of celebrities."

One more linkdump “Limp biscuit” redirects here. For the band, see Limp Bizkit. Hahaha! NSFW.
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The Daily Mail head line generator vears between the hilarious, and the scarily real.

It reminded me of Wikipedia's perfect Daily Express front page.

Seen via Timmy, who saw it at a Grauniad blog
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Finally, proof that Republicans are for Voldemort!

Seen at [ profile] ool272's Librarium.
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Hello all you Lolcat fans out there.

I present Longcat is Looooooong!
almost 17700 pixels long.

seen at [ profile] time_freak's freak pad.
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Chris Carter: Hi Tim, RaW here. Are you aware you aren't black?
Tim Westwood: Are you aware you is wearing nail varnish?
Chris: Yes.
Shortest and funniest interview.
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Pay a visit to the Half Bakery.
Your one stop shop for Half Baked ideas.

From Self organising traffic cones to Pronouncing numbers more efficiently; From the Minion Training School to the Pocket Warm Fuzzy, these ideas are definitely 1 gas mark short of a full roast.

Seen at Julia's

and a couple of old links that cropped up in conversation today.

Isn't it annoying that so many companies think a swooshing logo looks cutting edge.

Humans are primates, so why shouldn't you live on monkey chow?
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We've had some hilariously bad emails from Building management recently.

Causing incontinence )

Optimising inconvenience )

Silent Alarm )

Energy efficiency )

Pyromaniac Alarms )
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Canadians weigh less than Americans even if they have the same mass!
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Has anyone seen the Isle of Wight recently?

I was there for lunch on the 29th, and nobody's seen it since!

Seen at Autoblography, searching for his family.
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Guy: "I Love you!"
Girl: "I Love you too!"
Both: "The Elves!!"
Contains irrelevant fantasy violence )

Cinema warnings are getting ridiculous.

Noddy and the Magical Moondust U (Contains no material likely to offend or harm)
As my flatmate said "anyone working in science who doesn't support the theory that 'moondust'
could be 'magic' could be offended".

Dreamgirls 12A (Contains one use of strong language and hard drug references)
I'd just be sitting there for the whole movie waiting for that one use of strong language.

The Cat Returns U (Contains mild peril)
For once I'd like to see a film that contains "Extreme Peril". Mild is not the only adjective out there. How about "Unresolved Peril" or "Surreal Peril" or even "Otiose Peril".
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Way Out? )

I saw this a couple of days ago while wandering around Holborn. It felt like I'd run across one of those phone booths that can get you out of the Matrix. I was going to try the door, but I like it in here ;)

Prompted to post by seeing this post on the need for emergency entrances.
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Yes it's puerile and immature, but I love it when foriegn words sound rude in English

Silly shops in Paris, France

Inspired by

Silly shop names in Cologne, Germany

{edit: Just in case Superfluous Apostrophe reads this post, here's a comic for you}


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