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Ah, that thing about artists being refused entry to the UK was on the Down the Tubes Comics blog.
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The UK has recently changed it's immigration rules for artists. I think I first heard about when someone flying in from America with three paintings to sell to try and subsidise her trip to an arts festival was told to bin them or turn right around and get the next plane out (but my Google fu is failing me).

It seems that the creator of Piled Higher and Deeper was caught up in this.
I have a twitter account. In roughly deceasing order mostly use it for reading, interacting, posting innane thoughts, and comics news. Given how many webcomics make a living from t-shirt sales, I have a tendancy to put my inane ideas in the form of #badtshirtidea tagged posts.

But this comic wins the bad tshirt idea game.
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Gorden's Glλsses. A really sweet Half Life 2 fan comic in 4 pages.

How to deal with someone who doesn't like your glasses.

My bosses boss actually uses this phrase to describe functioning software, that users don't like.

You ever wander where your money seems to disapearing to? It's the Tooth Fairy's bitch of a sister.


Mar. 27th, 2009 11:44 am
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Anyone looking for a room share for plokta.con? {ETA: sorted out now}

Also, bit last minute posting this here, but I'm going to the Thing tomorrow.

AKA The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing
AAKA The Webcomix Thing
AAAKA The Mile End Thing.

It's a great place to find small press comics, and meet their creators. There's a few webcomics people there too. This year they've actually got a few pannels, which they havent' had for the last couple of years.

As well as browsing work I don't know about:

I'm going to squee at: Sarah McIntyre, Caroline Parkinson, Reckless Youth, John Allison, Diesel Sweeties, and Beaver and Steve.

I'll keep an eye out for anything new by: Factor Fiction, Modern Monstrosity, Ninja Bunny, Fetishman, REET!, and Tozo.
{ETA2: I should point out that the only reason MM isn't in the squee list is because Oliver Lambden is too cool and relaxed to squee at. I shall just nod my head and say 'sup.}

I'll have a good look at these guys, who I never seem to have take the time to decide if I like, but have seen around a few times: Liz Greenfield, Octopus Pie, Kate Beaton Comics, Anders Loves Maria

Aside: The creators from the DFC have a new shared blog. Excellent.
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*) The DFC
I'm still so sad that this is almost certainly ending. There a list of where most of the artists and writers can be found online, compiled by a fan.

There's no sign of it in the comic though. I hate to be pragmatic about it, but I guess I'll need to look at what happens to my direct debit.

*) Whatmen! by author Scott Lobdell, artist Alejandro Figueroa
A one shot Watchmen parody. 300 pages down to 30. If I tell you that the second page features the comedian falling out his window, butt naked, after slipping on a piece of smiley faced soap, you get the idea.

The art is very much captures the style of the original. Often times a panel is a detailed joke based on the original. For instance the first time we see Doc NYC, he is gigantic and standing in the same pose as the first time we see Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen. But the giant machine he's poking at is a washing machine.

12) Gunnerkrigg Court: Orientation by Tom Siddell
This is the print collection of the first school year at Gunnerkrigg Court webcomic. It's absolutely gorgeous. A hefty hardback with shiny black paper that really shows the muted colours well. The pull quote on the back is from Neil Gaiman.
"Lots of different flavours in there -- it's a semi-gothic funny-sweet school story with mysteries and robots and so forth -- but I kept finding myself reminded of the early days of reading Bone. Nice stuff."

Distributed by Diamond, I ordered this from my local comic shop.

Meanwhile back at the webcomic we've just found out a major part of the main character's back story. Nearly 4 years after the comic launched! He's a master of the slow reveal.

Check out his answers to fans' questsions too. He somehow manages to answer most questions without actually telling anyone about the plot. :)

13) Bad Science by Ben Goldacre
Based on Ben's Blog and Guardian column. A series of detailed, well thought out, often irreverent chapters debunking everything: from homoeopathy to big pharmaceutical companies, and from the media driven MMR frenzy to nutritionists. A passionate argument for evidence based medicine.

Nice to see a shout out to [ profile] shpalman in the back.
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Dave Gorman may have grown up a bit since documentary comedy days, but not much.
He's 38 and not especially fit. 1500 miles. 32 days in the saddle. 32 nights on the stage. His Mum's told him not to do it but he won't listen.
Dave Gorman:Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop And Stand Up will see the intrepid comedian covering the extremes of the British mainland as he travels from this land's southernmost point to its northernmost tip, taking in the most easterly and westerly points along the way.
High Wycombe is the closest he gets to London, and it's on a Saturday. I may well go.

How would you follow up Unicorn vomiting swearing rainbows?
With a Unicorn crimping off a princess of course!

I certainly never thought I'd post a link to Cyanide and Happiness commenting on the art.

It's basically a stick figure comic with little to no continuity, focusing on offensive humour. Basically C&H is to XKCD as 4Chan is to Slashdot.

Managing to convey an increasingly awkward pause across 4 panels with it's minimalist style was very well done, and a reminder you don't need hyper realism to render various emotions.

Reading list, and What I did at the Weekend post to follow.
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This does seem to be the season for Apocalypses.

They're like buses. You wait ages for one, and three show up at one. In order of destructiveness then:

I've just finished reading The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse by Robert Rankin. Very funny, and surprisingly clever, but ultimately only threatened the inhabitants of it's strange illogical, well thought out little universe.

Next up, deep time have just set off a bomb to re-write history in a way of their own choosing, across many, but not quite all, timelines. Our heros have tried to escape using a risky manoeuvre concocted by a machine descended from a spambot (Sorry Charlie!).

Go have a look at the homepage for Starslip crisis today.

It's brilliant! The whole page has been utterly ripped apart!

Last, but not least, a whole bunch of time travel stories have culminated in 13 paradoxes occurring in the closing weeks of 2008 in various Irregular Webcomic strips, taking down every one of the different themes' universes.

The last two weeks' worth of strips have been a fantastic response to that.

He's asked before if 4 black squares can be a comic. This is taking that question to the next level. Can a blank white rectangle be a comic? How about two weeks of colour swatches? I think the answer's yes, and I have actually really enjoyed these last two weeks.

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Girl Genius is an excellent steampunk mad science comic.

It's absolutely brilliant in it's own right, but I love some of the small touches. Check out the the birds in this last panel, and these fantastic sneaky shout outs to a few other webcomics.

In today's comic the music is provided by the P.D.Q Bach engine.

I heard a radio show about him a while ago. He's the creation of a musical satirist in the States. The name coming from the fact that Johann Sebastian Bach had many children who are generally referred to by their three initials. He performs with a full orchestra, or just a kazoo. I don't know enough about classical music to get all the jokes, but if you know your Baroque from your Romantic, he's probably worth tracking down. And absolutely perfect for a the Mad Science Pantomime Ball.
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The book I've least enjoyed, was a Christian propaganda, thinly veiled as a sci-fi novel. Just as the protagonist gives up looking for proof, and accepts that God had saved his life, the proof that it was a miracle all along pops up. The resolution just rings false with me.

I'm aware that many of the great historical works of art were produced explicitly for Christianity, but I tend to avoid anything from the last century that markets itself as such.

However of my favourite illustrators is taking part in an upcoming Christian comic book anthology. So it looks like I'll be buying something created explicitly as Christian. I'll be interested to see if it's not preachy. Or if it is, if the story and art is good enough to over come this.

I'm trying to figure out what this starslip extra comic says about Vanderbeam.

The Starslip universe has not (to my recollection) dealt with religion before.
In fact not many that I read do. Skin Horse lists blood types for its characters, but not religion.

I don't think the strips primary purpose was actually statement on Vanderbeam's religion. Nor his intelligence for that matter. It's not clear, but I don't think he's saying these are statements of fact. It's more of a comment on how he values Beauty above Truth. A view he's shown before. The only reason that the religious context is interesting is how conspicuous it is in its absence elsewhere.

Analysing an evolutionary model of religious memes.

Make your own Papercraft Ceiling Cat (if that's the bible translation you follow).
Seen at Snowking's
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The Devil's Panties is the journal comic of serial convention goer. It looks like she's been hitting about 20 a year for the last few years. It has nothing to with Satanic underwear.

Fuzz has been trying to get me to read it for years, but pitched it as being written by a metal/rock chick, so it was near the bottom of my to be read bookmarks.

A couple have really made me laugh recently.
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Wow! Those rumours from 2004 have finally come true.

Google are making a browser.

And more than that, the new features, from the nifty to the techy, are described in a comic by Scott McCloud author of the comic book on the theory of comics!

seen at [ profile] blue_condition's
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You might think that this comic strip about a cat's blog sounds silly, but cats' who own SF authors, or the power of procrastination.
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Go watch Dr Horrible's musical blog.

It's simply brilliant. Joss Whedon made a tongue-in-cheek mad scientist musical during the writers strike, and is releasing it free for one week only.

The last part is only going to be available for one day, so don't miss it!
More Mad Science!

Nukees, the Nuclear Engineering Students webcomic has left Keenspot.

This was possible the first webcomic I ever read, and since it's just lost the cross promtion from Keenspot so it deserves a brief plug. Essentially the early years, are largely a bunch of fairly geeky jokes, about the slightly eccentric titular Nukees. In the middle years there's slightly more adventure, with rouge AIs, robot ants, and occasional visions of Greek Gods. Then in the last few years it's become much more character driven, with the back story of King Luca being fleshed out, and I think we're due for fairly big moment with the stalkerish Cecilia.
Possibly not one to read from today, but start at the beginning, read a few strips a day, and pause with bookmark, and you'll be caught up in no time.
While I'm on webcomics Irregular Webcomic has reached its 2000th strip! Very few other webcomics can claim this.
And finally

Neither Wikipedia, nor IMDB have photos of Ant or Dec, as no-one knows which is which :)
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Explosives are booby trapped. Now that's just excessive.

Othar Tryggvassen is a spark (or mad genius) from the Girl Genius comics. He's an occasional visitor to the comic, but is a hero in his own mind. Battling against the tyrants of Europe.

You can see what he's up to when off panel, as Othar has a twitter. Every day he updates us on his latest adventures. It's quite a fun way to read a story.

Plus, he's battling the sort of person who's booby trap the explosives, and deploy other mokey based defence mechanisms.
iBon ran across this rather surreal corner of Wikipedia the other day:

The comprehensive list of usernames editors have expressed concern over.

It's a source of much puerile humour :)

Yer Momma
Butt face999
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Gorgeous photos of astronauts in orbit.
I love these images so much.
The eighth one has a lovely brassy dohicky that is so steampunk.

Why writers groups are a a good idea.

Alcohol Linkdump
DIY flavoured vodkas, mead by mail, and the discovery that people who binge drink , hang out with people who go out and get drunk.

“The unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible”: Oscar Wildeon fox hunting.
I thought it was "The incomprehensible pursuit of the inedible".

The good ship Righteous Indignation. Brilliant name for a rebel frigate.
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Charlie Stross nearly wrote for the Iron Man comic!

With his love of gonzo technologies, I'd have loved to have seen that.

The warning signs that inspired [ profile] purplecthulhu's icons will soon be available for purchase
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A friend just sent me the link to The Ten Doctors. It's absolutely brilliant. It's a webcomic by a huge Dr Who fan, where all ten of Doctor Who's incarnations meet up. He's done a really god job of capturing each character's likeness, and personality. And it's really funny too. Rose's reaction to Ace is just perfect. Did I mention that all the and the various assistants are there too?

In the text under the comics he explains where in the continuity each Dr come from. And the implications of the Time War on the other Doctors. And quite specific props. He's a huge fan Smiling

I've only just started reading, but it's been going for quite a while now, so there's lots of archive to catch up on.

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