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On the off chance you want to get a list of your friends and what custom groups they are in, I've knocked up a quick and dirty export bookmarklet.

Step 1) Drag Save this link
javascript:(function(){ var fm=document.fg; var gl = fm.list_groups; var j; for (j=0; j<gl.length; j++) { var gn = gl[j].text; var sg = gl[j].value; for (i=0; i<fm.elements.length; i++) { var nm = fm.elements[i].name; var mk = fm.elements[i].value; if (nm.substring(0, 21) == "editfriend_groupmask_") { var u = nm.substring(21, nm.length); var d = u; if (document.getElementById) { d = document.getElementById('nameremap_' + u); if (d) { d = d.value; } else { d = u; } if (1==j) {document.write(d+',<br>');} if (mk & (1 << sg)) {document.write(d+','+gn+'<br>');} } } } }}())

to your bookmarks.
Step 2) Go to the custom group page.
Step 3) Click on the bookmarklet.

(I'm working on consolidating my address book, and making sure people on FB and LJ have the same access level on each)
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The start of a new year is usually a time for reflection, and resolutions, so I'll have a quick think out loud about internet based entrainment, and social networks, and how I use them.

Priorities )

With that in mind, my first resolution step is going to be to move all my personal emails into a folder called Inbox2, and try not to do anything else each morning until the Inbox is empty. And had a quick foray back into Inbox2 and make sure everything in there is eventually archived, or dealt with. Then to re-organise my bookmarks to remind me of that order.
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For all you drama llamas, the freinding / defreinding tracker is back online.
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My most commonly used posting filter for locked posts is People Who Know My Real Name.

I import all the unlocked posts to Facebook, where I occasionally get a comment from a non-LJer. Since I do use my name on Facebook, I'd like these people to be able to see these posts too.

Is there a way to do this?
Generate an RSS feed based on security settings?
A Facebook App with an open ID to pull the posts in?
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I went up to the roof at lunch time yesterday, and took some photos of London. I have a whole slew of photo accounts out there on the internet, but realised I didn't really want to upload the photos to any of them. That and thinking about how to deal with crossposting to [ profile] scratch_uk lead to this poll:

[Poll #1468489]
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Did anyone else get an unsolicited "Lost Password" email from Livejournal, and/or other web services last night?
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Check the privacy settings of your last days posts.

I shall point anyone who laughs at me for not having flash installed on my main browser, or grumbles about No Script making sites harder to use, to this post.
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I must not Twitter.
Twitter is the time-killer.
Twitter is the little-sink that brings total procrastination.
I will glance at your tweet.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when the tweet is gone I will scroll and face other posts, and only time will remain.

And when it has gone past I will scroll the browser to see other posts.
Where the tweet has gone there will be nothing.
Only time will remain.

{edit: O always preferred the movie version of the litany.}
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I've never moved off of the basic LJ account, as I don't want to pay for one (I don't use this enough) and I'd feel hypercritical using the add supported version with an add blocker.

Why I block adds, and am moving to a plus account )
So, woo, polls, and slightly more user-icons.

Ah, it looks like they require Javascript to be enabled in order to serve me adverts. Given the number of people who've been posting spam on my facebook wall,having been caught by an XSS vulnerability, I'm not enabling it just for adverts.
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Did anyone hear about the mobile Sci-Fi library associated with the Folkestone Triennial on the Today show this morning? I can't find much about it online, and it sounded interesting.

The zombie apocalypse if it's not only humans affected.

Zombie meme )

LJ 'You may also be interested in' meme )
I think I prefer the original one. I'll probably add a few to my list. Although I'm not sure why. I've never been able do any sort of search based on it. I wonder who my humanist friends are?
seen at Rhionnach's
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I stopped using Live Journal just before the fanfiction clampdown. I don't just mean I stopped posting, (although obviously I did), I stopped reading anything on Live Journal. It was a combination of a few things, covered below, but basically I'm back now.

I was prompted into posting today by a post at Websnark on the re-deleting of fanfic. I think he has a point that Six Apart are mad to be doing this. Other social networking sites are on the rise, and pissing off your paying userbase when the competition is so strong is not smart.

Which leads onto the first reason for my LJ Gafiation. Facebook. I have rapidly become completely addicted to it. Losing my WAP phone for a week, and work's firewall have slowed me down, but still love it. I should post a bunch of my more surreal status updates sometime soon. The Live Journal feature I'd like to see most on it, is custom friends groups.

While I was spending my internet time on Facebook, I paid less attention to my feed reader. It was only when talking to [ profile] offensive_mango on Facebook that I noticed that I seen her Live Journal update for a while. Or any Live Journal. Bloglines had been failing on the Live Journal feeds. Their customer service was pretty good for a free site. A fairly typical two days to reply, but it wasn't a form response. I replied with the information they wanted, and they fixed the problem a few hours later.

This lead to what I'll term forum bankruptcy. I like to go back through the archives of webcomics, forums, and blogs, to not leave gaps when I've been away from the net for a while. This problem is it leads to me abandoning things when I can't bring myself to up to date, and then it only gets worse. So I'm declaring forum bankruptcy on Live Journal, and am not going to try and catch up with all the posts I missed. I'll try and keep up now though.

Finally I've spent a lot of time travelling with with work to Eastern Europe recently. I'm not complaining about that. It's been nice to see these places, but it has left me with even less spare time than normal.

Another reason for posting again was that Dave Licence asked why I hadn't posted for a while. Which reminds me I forgot to comment on his amazing photo of a household spider. The way the focus is so tight on the center reminded me of Tilt Shift photography, and I was going to ask Dave how he did it. Until I remembered that the whole point of tilt shift is to fake the look that happens naturally when you're shooting something small. If you're reading this Dave, thanks twice over.
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Or How To Stop Hating, and Start Loving the LiveJournal.

Enough reasons have finally added up to make me think I really need to start a proper LiveJournal.

I already need to log on, since I have a couple of friends who make locked posts, and a couple more who don't allow anonymous comments.
I completely failed my New Year's resolution of drawing something every day. I've been reading the [profile] pantsketch Sketchblog for years, and I thought I that one of my own, might to encourage me to practice more.
I used to have a blogspot Link dump, so as not to over spam my friends emails with weird links. I've let it lapse, but I could start up again.
I've never kept a Diary, and it would be fun to try.
Finally, it's good writing practice.

Do you think I should create a separate lj user for sketchblogging, and journaling?
This would make it a lot easier for people to avoid having really crap art appear in their flist, but it would make posting more awkward.

First post and already a desperate beg for comments.


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