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1) Emission Spectra Scarves. Or Absorption spectra ones if you're after something more colourful. via @davedevereux.

2) 3 colour Brunnian link (not a knot) neck warmers / bracelets. Wikipedia link via [ profile] makyo.

3) A double walled tubular scarf with two side scrolling levels on it that actually scrolls.
Look it works in my head, okay.
Knit a few loooong rows of brown. One or two of green. Quite a few blue. Then a few brown.
Fold in half width ways, and stitch together, such that the join helps stop the tube rotating.
Sew on a load of felt bits representing objects from Sonic on the green stripe edge, and Mario on the other.
Pull one end through the middle, and seamlessly stitch to the other.
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A little while ago Sarah McIntyre lamented that she didn't know how to crochet and wouldn't able to learn in time for BICS. She wanted to make a pair of horns for her book launch.

But I know how to crochet! So I knocked up a pair, finishing them on the train to Birmingham, and gave them to her on Saturday. I think she liked them, she certainly wore them all weekend :)

(I forgot my camera, so I'll update this post if I manage to get hold of a photo of [ profile] jabberworks wearing them).

Pattern for Moris the Mankiest Monster horns )

Standard Fan Art Disclamer: All characters remain the property of their respective authors, and I have neither asked nor obtained permission to use them.

Cross posted from Scratch UK
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I need to learn how to write patterns better. )

If you made a few of them out of translucent yarn, then put a sealed transparent plastic bag with water and different coloured food dye in each, I reckon you'd have a great little start to a crafty mad science lab.

I know you can get plastic yarn (looks like the sheathing from wires), but can you get translucent stuff?
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In case anyone's interested there's a small Stitch 'n' Bitch meeting in Islington tomorrow. It's moved from weekly to monthly, and is about the only place I manage to find time to knit these days.

Or crochet even. I think I'm going to try and knock up a design for a small Amigurmi on the bus ride there, and see if I can finish it that evening.
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I finally finished the little blighter.

Beware you dreamers and sensitive souls, for he will nuzzle your brains, and drive you mad!

The least bit of knowledge about his horrendous (acrylic) nature would drive your sanity from our body faster than I can drop a stitch. That said here's the pattern that came to me from no where:

Pattern for Conical Cranium Crochet Cthulhu )

Creative Commons License
Conical Cranium Crochet Cthulhu Pattern by cdave is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

{ETA: correction to Key}
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First thing I ever crocheted )
It was a birthday present for Vixie

I was going for chirpy, but I think he looks malevontly smug. Like he's just fooled a mollusc into falling for his evil plans!

Last night

Oct. 29th, 2008 10:58 am
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I found a couple of envelopes blue-tacked to cash machines with A7 flyers for a pyramid scam in it. I took them down as I don't want someone to fall for it, or deal with the physical spam. I think I'm going to turn them into origami cranes.

I also started my first crochet Amigurumi. Using a 2.50 mm hook rather than a 4 mm. It's going to be about 4cm across rather than than 7cm. Oops.

On the plus side I see how it works now. I'm pretty sure I can write down a pattern for what I want to do next before I start on it.
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Oops knitted another. Really need to start work on prezzies instead.
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I'll admit it. I don't like do the patterned bits on the hat I started ages ago.

They're fiddely, and slow it right down. I've got to the point where there's only a couple of rows left to do at the bottom of the hat part.So I need to start thinking about ribbing, and possibly switching to 6 needles, or using stitch markers to deliniate were the scarfs start. Bleh. I'm officially abandoning it for now.

However, I wanted to get started on some ideas I've had for Christmas prezzies, so I've started going to the Islington stitch 'n' bitch group again.

Since I can't show prezzies, here's some small hats )

It's quite tempting to learn to crotchet little things next.
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I haven't had any time to knit all week, so no further progress. I've just realised that I didn't post the milestone I reached at the Cock last Thursday.

I can stop increasing, the hat is big enough.

Scary photos, of me wearing a half done hat )

Next step is to work out the patterns for the eyes and wings.
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[ profile] offensive_mango mentioned that a terrorist watch is on sale at Argos! Who won't let me just link to it, but insist on trying to figure out where I'm from.

[ profile] purplepooka point out's out something that Nikki with her love of big yarn would adore:
Extreme knitting!

Snuck in amongst all the other legistation in the embrilogy bill going through Parliament is the news that the civil partner of a woman going through undergoing artificial insemination, gets parental rights too! Hoorah!
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The BBC take down of Dr. Who knitting patterns made it to a brief mention on the Today show headlines. Surliminal posted a couple of reactions with regard to fan sites and copyrights.

Latest Hat Progress )It was pointed out to me that knitted hats should be floppy. I think I'm using too small needles for the wool. Ah well, at least with stitches this dense it'll keep my head warm.
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It looks like the BBC are stamping down on knitting patterns, watch out any Whovian crafters/fan ficers out there.
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The advantage of knitting a hat top down, is that I don't need to know the gauge at all. I was just doing that way so that I could leave the needles in as place holders for where the scarf and tenticals would join.

Photo, and pattern thus far. )

I saw another interesting technique at Angel Knits last night. I didn't find out if it had a name, so I'm calling it Cuttlefish edging. Cast on twice as many stitches as you need then decrease to the number you need in about 4 or 5 rows. It leaves a random wavey edge that looks something like a cuttlefish wing. I thinkg that'll look good at the back between the tenticles

So far the techniques I want to use on this are.
Knitting in the round (Hat)
Increases (top down hat)
Decreases (Ribbing wouldn't look right, so I need to tighten the bottom of the hat the hard way)
Reverse Cuttlefish (for the back)
Braids (for the start of the scarf)
icords (for the front tentacles)
Fair Isle (using dark green wool to make patterned eyes)

This is turning into quite a complex little project :)
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I finished both of my first projects last week.

Pictures and write up )

I tried about three or four time to start the Cthulhu hat at the weekend, from the top down. But despite a rather useful video on small diameter circular knitting (Thanks Nikki) I couldn't get the hang of it.

I think I'm going to have to start with a larger tube just to practice. I've got no idea what to make though. I suppose I could just make a little pouch to keep the random foreign currency I've got on my desk in. Hmm.
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Eastercon write up coming tonight, hopefully. Quick preview:

There was a bit of recurring phrase going around:
"It's coming, and we need to be ready for it."

In one of Cory's panels It was ebook readers.
In [ profile] autopope's case It is your grandchildren discovering everything you've ever written online.
And several people thought It would be the forthcoming Zombie apocalypse.

I was thinking that it would make an interesting panel on what is coming, that will change the world, and that we need to start preparing for...

... when I had a flash of inspiration for what to do with my black and too dark green wool.


While a Portal Scarf would be neat, it would probably be out of date by the time I finished it. Whereas Cthulu's powers seems to have endured vast trackless eons that the human mind cowers in terror from.

Thinking about doing a pattern on a scarf, I was worried that it would turn on my neck and face the wrong way. This way I can do a tube on my little circular needles, with tentacles running up it. Maybe I could even stuff the end, to make a head. I won't even have to count stitches, because tentacles should waver. Ooh, and I can use the cable cross over thing I've been practising to make them cross over each other.

{edit: s/Cuthulu/Cthulu/g}
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Given that I seem to be the Modal Average age for a Ravelry knitter, I've just requested an account.

I've currently got a couple of small swatchy projects on the go, mostly to just to practice with. I've just bought some black wool for my first real project. I liked the idea of a computer terminal green on black scarf, but couldn't find the right shade of green. Then I realised I have a little yellow wool, so I'm tempted to do a Portal scarf. With an Aperture Science logo on one end and a slice of cake on the other. Maybe I'll end up on the Portal fan site.

I think GLaDOS would like these potentially fatal works of art more though.
seen at starslip crisis's temporal log.

Note to self: Smallest and Largest possible Aperture logo references.
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aka Linkdump.

Best response to stalking accusation ever.

I was particularly tickled by Martin Rowson's surreal cartoon on the EU constitution earlier in the week.

A simple guide that can be used to hide messages in knitting. They can't be seen from the front. Here's an example a friend knitted.

Pointed to by Susie

Fear the impossible quiz, as it's quite tricky. Flash game.
Sent by Eleri

Surliminal has just posted a nifty map showing travel time by public transport to the Department for Transport. Re-enforces the idea that south east London is impossible to commute from.
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I've not managed to keep up with the meagre new year's resolution of a drawing a week for two weeks. But I have been creative. I've learned to knit, and done one doodle. And what the heck, I'll include a meme too.
Doodle for event )
Onion Scarf )
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know any male knitters. We came up with a theory that men find perling easier than knitting. It's 100% true (Based on a sample size 2).
Band Meme )

Seems everytime I want to upload a photo Zooomr's not available. I join the exodus, but can't be fussed. So photobucket will do as a quick holder.


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