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The last company I bought glasses off online was a highstreet opticians who were branching out. But they seem to have closed shop now. So I went looking elsewhere, and may have been stung. Thought I was a bit savier that this. Ah well.

I've ordered a pair of cheap glasses, and they've not even processed the order yet according to the online tracking. The site seemed to be a UK company, with a UK number, but no-one was answering. I looked a bit further and it's registered to an office with about a hundred other companies. Looking further still I found 4 online opticians all registered by the same overseas agency.

They don't answer their main lines either, but I seem to have found a chink in MAK Media & Creations Ltd.'s airwall. The person on the end of line said he'd get someone to look into it, and seemed very surprised that his number was on their site. So here it is in case it disapears +44 20 70 60 70 55.

These two site don't seem to be registered to the same company, but have bits of the same text on their site, so I could be wrong, and plagerism is wrong anyway.


Apr. 21st, 2009 04:42 pm
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Microsoft spam offering the opportunity for more spam. )

Fristly, is this even a real site? It only seems to have seven pages.

So lets assume that this doesn't smell phishy straight away and is genuine. Having managed to tick the box to say I do not want to be left without the chance to not get marketing emails, Why on Earth would I want to agree to receive spam?
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Finally found out what that flag was:

As part of The [latest exhibition at the Hayward Gallery], Wallinger's 1996 work, Oxymoron - a large Union Jack flag that swaps the traditional British colours of red, white and blue for the Irish flag colours of green, white and orange - will fly on the Jubilee Flagpole on Jubilee Gardens, Southbank Centre.

In my defence it is a very bluey green.

The only place I could find online that mentions this London art, is Yorkshire Evening Post. Huh?


More internet fail:

Web 1.0

Web 2.0
To find out details of meetings at the branch centre nearest to you, visit the London and South East Branch website at From the menu, select "London and South East Branch Calendar" then "Map". On the map, select the drawing pin where your nearest centre is shown. The dates of forthcoming meetings will be displayed. Click on a date to find full details of the meeting.
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Delayed Post Photo )

Yay! Valentines card! From coffee! Mmm.

Yay DFC! Hang on.
Yay 2 DFCs? No wait.

The builders downstairs have torn the bloodly thing in half, got paint on it, and used the bloody envelope to make a "Wet Paint" sign.

F**king Gits!

I had every issue up to this, and they're sold out!!!
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On the DVD commentaries Graham Linehan said that the IT crowd isn't primarily about IT geeks, it's about how the dynamics change when Jen enters the established life of Moss and Roy, with the Reynholm upstairs showing Jen what she's missing in the basement.

Each episode is constructed around an A plot arc, and B plot arc. These usually collide at the end "with hilarious consequences".

Plot arcs primarily driven by:
1A: Jen (and Roy)
1B: Reynholm

2A: Roy and Moss
2B: Jen

3A: Jen
3B: Roy
3C: Reynholm (and Moss)

So none of them are really about the dynamics between the three of them. And felt pretty lack luster. So I was pretty pleased when I realised last nights was a return to form with the A plot being about Roy and Moss pulling a practical joke on Jen. I really liked that.

Spoilers for episode four Reynholm plot. And anger about transphobia therein. )


Dec. 4th, 2008 02:33 pm
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Note to self:

You learned this in your first week in a full time job.
"Don't respond to angry people you don't know in conference calls".
Let their own team deal with them. They know the person. Or wait a while and say we'll have to deal with this topic later, as it's over running.
It just makes the whole thing drag on, and it can only be resolved offline.

I'm missing my team's Christmas lunch now.
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Piccy of my cuppa )
What the heck do they use as coffee whitener in the vending machines here? I'm sure it's not normal to be able to dig trenches in it.
They were probably aiming for a light and frothy texture, but have come closer to expanding foam sealant.
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So far it's taken over 10 helpdesk calls to sort out find out what's going with the stupid stupid Verified by Vista phishing look-a-like payment site. (MasterCard SecureCode is the same damn thing).

If a payment site:
appears in an embeded iframe (with no way of seeing the URL),
or in a pop-up with out an address bar,
or comes up after I've already entered my card details and asks for them again,
or triggers a javascript XSS warning on noScript,
or only lists a phone number which is not valid ( 0870 154 0121 );
then I'm not going to trust it!

Here are some valid numbers:

0844 811 9111 Customer service: Takes a while to get through the menus but eventually a human told me there was no failed transaction on my account, but there was a £1 charge due to expire on the 10th. However they can't help with the site (and as an aside only have access to 6 months of account data).

0870 156 6485 Barclaycard Secure/3D Secure queries: Only for Debit cards, can't help with Credit card problems.

0844 811 9152 Barclaycard Secure/3D Secure queries: Only for Credit card, can't help with debit card. Only one that seems to be based overseas.

They said that the receipt history page isn't receipts, it's a list of attempted transactions. Clearly. The transaction that was showing up on there was a failed transaction. Even though there's no indication of this. I eventually paid again, and apart from a slightly higher Receipt ID the two "receipts" look identical.


If I see a site uses Vilified by Visa, or MasterCard SuckyCode, then I'll will first see if there is another payment option. Then see if there is another site selling the same thing. Then consider if I really need to spend money, before going through all this again.

Then the shop downstairs closed as I walked up to it.
Then vending machine wasn't taking pound coins, so I went and got change.
Then it wasn't taking change.
Then the coffee shop had a massive queue.
So no sugar for Dave.
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Why won't people do anything that requires the slightest effort!

We have a recycling bin for plastic cups in the office. The holes are exactly the same size as the cups so you have to push slightly to get them in. Instead people leave them piling up out of the holes, balanced on the lowest cup, which didn't quite fall in.

And the Photocopier gives clear instructions on the screen, of exactly which door to open, and which dial to turn to remove a paper jam. So why I am the only one who does this?

And worst of all some of the toilets are a bit knackered and require a couple of presses of the flusher. Which many people don't seem to bother with. Yuck.
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Good buying experience at Battery Force.

Asks for payment and delivery details, and at the end offers the chance to create an account for order tracking, just by adding a password.

Has a simple, thorough, privacy policy. Including a no spam policy.

Bad buying experience at ebuyer.

When trying to pay by Switch it tried to load a Mastercard verification site, secure site, which looks like a phishing scam, and didn't load anyway.

It auto populates your address, using your postcode and house number, in a way that is not valid on the form (it leaves off the mandatory county) so you have to go back and re-populate it anyway.

I don't have a landline, therefore I cannot update my email address. Really. It let me register with a mobile, and used that to populate the main phone number, however you have to use a valid UK landline in order to update your address.

When I asked them to delete my account ("No, not deactivate, delete") they changed my email address to NULL and left the account open.

Turns text links black (with no underline) after you click on them, so you cannot see the same help topic easily.

Wishy washy privacy policy. Stored under "First Time Visitors" section of help desk (Do existing users not have any privacy rights?).
"Very occasionally, we may share your details with carefully selected third parties. However, if your communication preferences show that you have chosen NOT to receive information from third parties, then of course your details will not be shared.
We do our best to maintain the accuracy of any personal information you do supply to us. "

Hahaha! Best bit. There's a link on their "about us" page to "Find out why our customers love us so much..."
"We are sorry but the page you requested is not available."

edit: Ah they've now deleted the actual account. It just took them a couple of hours.
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Some thought's on Zooomr, having used it for a week or so.

Contrary to what I said before about a large upload limit, they in fact offer "Unlimited Upload, Archival and storage for your photos — forever!"

That sounds very nice, but then where's their revenue stream going to come from? They've lost their investor, so I'm not sure they can store images forever.

They don't seem to have an easy to search for all the photos a user has tagged in a particular way. The user can create a "smartset" that filters photos based on a range of critia (user, tags, date taken, date uploaded, number of views, and other users in the photo). But these a really buggy, and blank out all the time.

The rotation feature seems to work on a delay. When you try and use it, it seems to fail, but if you check again after a short while, the images have been rotated correctly.

If you rotate a photo with juploadr program they recomend for bulk uploading, it gets rotated in the opposite direction.

They still haven't fixed my profile page.

There's supposed to be a big upgrade soon, but if [ profile] the_magician is reading this, I recommend using someone else for Worldcon photos.
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Can anyone explain how A5 letters fit through my letterbox with ease, but DVDs and CDs which are shorter in width and length do not? Forcing me to go down to the post office to pick them up.

While we're on the subject, I don't think I've ever received my Council Tax demand until after the due date. The council say they post them all on time.

*sigh* It's enough to drive you to drink.

Incidentally, I found that I was out of honey last night. Sweet liqueurs (Glayva in this case) make an excellent substitute for honey, in a honey mustard salad dressing :)


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