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Googleblog posted a list of all the Google Twitter accounts, which included something I'd not run across before.

A team working towards data portability. Twitter seems to be their main public presence; they don't have a central website.

Their goals are:
  • Liberate data across web services.
  • Make that data portable across cooperating web services.
  • Allow users to own their own data which is submitted to the Cloud.
  • Do anything else to allow users to have fine-grained, easy access, and control of their data.

To that end they have been pushing for existing data in Google to get import/export functionality, and building tools to make it easier to transfer entire blogs between providers.

Google OS

Jul. 8th, 2009 01:39 pm
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The Google Operating System is being targeted at netbooks, and the core of it will be Google's browser Chrome, and Google's Apps.

But the point of netbooks is surly their portability. You won't always have a net connection. You can't edit spreadsheets if the connection goes down, as I found out when trying to do some stuff on a train on a 3G connection.

See how much of the UK isn't covered by 3G.

I think you'd be better off sticking to a traditional office suite until they improve the offline support.

Prompted by [ profile] sbisson's musings
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My Dad just phoned to see if I Gmail was down for me too. It was.

So I thought I'd try and find out why.

It wasn't until after I'd had a look, that I realised how ironic it was.

(News seems to be that the website's down for everyone, but IMAP and POP are still working. Google's saying they don't yet know why, but are working on it).
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The other day the Google blog observed that "fewer teens are wearing watches now because they use their phones to tell time instead"

I'd been wondered about that myself a while ago. Fortunately I knew an author who was looking explain, the mythology of mobile phones and other modern fairy tales.

I don't normally read Fantasy, but I really enjoyed these. So I can only make obvious comparison to Gaiman's stuff where you're being shown the gritty stuff that lays just below and around our realities.

More on Banter-Latte )
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Wow! Those rumours from 2004 have finally come true.

Google are making a browser.

And more than that, the new features, from the nifty to the techy, are described in a comic by Scott McCloud author of the comic book on the theory of comics!

seen at [ profile] blue_condition's

At last!

May. 3rd, 2007 03:42 pm
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Those of you using Google calender can now set reminders on non-primary calendars. Whether it's a secondary one (I use one for Birthdays), or a public one (like this one I just found for Ian M. Bank appearances).


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