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May. 21st, 2009 08:50 am
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I've got the first three weeks of July June! off to go sailing round the crinkly bits of Norway, and as such have to get a load of work done in advance. Combined with the fact that I have a three day reconnect thing this week means I have almost no free time. I've barely touched LJ this week, and while I may catch up next week, I'll almost certainly fall behind again.

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I caught someone relabelling the new(ish) coffee machines at work.

I switched to black coffee after being rather disturbed by the latte.

It turns out the black coffee I've been drinking for the last couple of months has been DECAFFEINATED!!

The only way to get an americano black coffee is to order hot water. Throw half the cup away. Then get an expresso. Grr.
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All of these deserve more space, but time is fleeting.

Why I dislike spoilers. At the end of the 2006 series of Dr Who, I thought it had a week more to run, so the ending was a real surprise. I watched it on DVD box set recently, and didn't realise the last disk was all extras, so the same thing happened again.

Response to a tlanti post, on how I MacGyvered my way into my house once.

Seeing how few of chiller's friends sleep well, post a poll asking how often people know that they have dreamed.

Impressions of last week's work travel. Business class to Karachi.

Next reading list:
Finished reading JPod.
Nighthawks spotted Good Dog, Bad Dog in the DFC. And Dead Like Me. Wish I could remember the first time I was aware of this painting. It was in the last few months I'm sure.
Finished reading Perdido Street Station.

When I caught a bus coming the other day, as I was walking past the bus stop I said "bonus" out loud. I think that's a nice phrase, and wanted to blog about why. Not sure I've ever heard anyone say it as an exclamation if happiness though.
Chatted to lady waiting at stop on Northern line cursing me.

Blog about the Alternative Press Fair.

Been tagged to do a 16 things about me meme.

Been a while since I re-did a Myres Briggs test and that one looks good as it shows you relative strengths of them (I was borderline on the last two iirc).


Dec. 4th, 2008 02:33 pm
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Note to self:

You learned this in your first week in a full time job.
"Don't respond to angry people you don't know in conference calls".
Let their own team deal with them. They know the person. Or wait a while and say we'll have to deal with this topic later, as it's over running.
It just makes the whole thing drag on, and it can only be resolved offline.

I'm missing my team's Christmas lunch now.
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Piccy of my cuppa )
What the heck do they use as coffee whitener in the vending machines here? I'm sure it's not normal to be able to dig trenches in it.
They were probably aiming for a light and frothy texture, but have come closer to expanding foam sealant.
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Overheard at work.

Teleconference Machine: "Please state your name after the tone"
Chairman's Laptop: Crash
Teleconference Machine: "Beep"
Chairman: "Oh F***! Sh**!"
Teleconference Machine: "'Oh F***! Sh**!' has joined the conference."
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Why won't people do anything that requires the slightest effort!

We have a recycling bin for plastic cups in the office. The holes are exactly the same size as the cups so you have to push slightly to get them in. Instead people leave them piling up out of the holes, balanced on the lowest cup, which didn't quite fall in.

And the Photocopier gives clear instructions on the screen, of exactly which door to open, and which dial to turn to remove a paper jam. So why I am the only one who does this?

And worst of all some of the toilets are a bit knackered and require a couple of presses of the flusher. Which many people don't seem to bother with. Yuck.
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We've had some hilariously bad emails from Building management recently.

Causing incontinence )

Optimising inconvenience )

Silent Alarm )

Energy efficiency )

Pyromaniac Alarms )


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