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Borrowed flatmate's Dr Who DVDs and watched many episodes back to back, with a brief break for Danny Wallace (Our Leader) cooing at a bunch of robots on Horizon, whist wrapping prezzies.

Also I finally phoned the local garage about getting a MOT sorted. I'd been putting it off after the saga from the start of this year (which I recall I never got around to writing about. I may do a backdated post a year afterwards). I was worried that they wouldn't be able to see me, or I'd have to take time off work. They said I could drop the car off at 8 the next morning, and pick it up at 6. :)

A disturbing date if you needed all these German phrases. )
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Finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. Phew!

Oh, and read a Buffy comic. I found 7 of the old graphic novels in a Crouch End charity shop for a pound each.

I was looking forward to being able to put down dinner with some of my old corridor mates from Uni tonight as the final entry in the happy meme thing, but that's been postponed now.
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Lovely phone call from a friend that lasted exactly long enough to chop up all the vegies for dinner.
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I was tagged by [ profile] raven_mocara and I like the idea of this.

The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same.

I'm tagging: [ profile] blacktimberwolf, [ profile] odacamilla, [ profile] arborophile, [ profile] pinkhebe, [ profile] watervole, [ profile] darth_tigger, [ profile] bugshaw, [ profile] sharikkamur, [ profile] andrewducker as they are the last 8 people to leave comments.

I ought to write about the Random Act of Kindness march up Regent Street on Saturday, as that was really great fun. But I have something else to post for today, that I think I'll put behind a filter.


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