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My plans for last night were as complex as my plans ever are. Finish work. Head down to the 'ton, since I'd not made a first Thursday for ages. Then head out to the Tacheback party, in order to claim a cocktail and join the parade. And finally head back to the Cock to drink with the Joinees.

I never made it to the Cock. I had way too much fun at the Tacheback party. )
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Using only what I could find on my work PC at lunch time, here's the breakdown of how the voting went:

Thanks to everyone who donated!

Given that I shaved on the morning of the 1st September, I'll shave it off on the morning of the 2nd October. But for an added bonus for those who voted for a thin top lipper, I'll wear one to work, and maybe even to the Birmingham International Comics Show over the weekend.

Click here for Photos (and donations).
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Last day of stubble:

Voting closes on the charity 'tache style at midnight tonight, but donations after that date would be gratefully received by Everyman.

Currently Handlebar's in the lead, but there's a few votes towards the 1920's villain look.


Sep. 3rd, 2009 02:26 pm
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The Pinnacle of SF - A site that collects together the ultimate SF bibliography of Talking Squids in Outer Space!

Instructions for
Cookie dough and Ice Cream Gyoza!

Mostly for my own amusement a comic featuring Clango saying "Science"!

And finally I'm growing a tache for the good of mankind the hell of it charity.

Here's the rules: everything you donate before midnight on the 7th will determine what sort of 'tache I'll grow: a) Thin top lipper b) Handlebar c) Goatee d) Plain 'tache.
Any donations without comment will be assumed to be for d) (as I'm a wuss). Until then, I'll be growing a full beard!


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