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The start of a new year is usually a time for reflection, and resolutions, so I'll have a quick think out loud about internet based entrainment, and social networks, and how I use them.

Priorities )

With that in mind, my first resolution step is going to be to move all my personal emails into a folder called Inbox2, and try not to do anything else each morning until the Inbox is empty. And had a quick foray back into Inbox2 and make sure everything in there is eventually archived, or dealt with. Then to re-organise my bookmarks to remind me of that order.
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Things that deserve a longer post, so I may come back to:
  • Great British Beer Festival
    • Hilarious failure of cueing system
    • Fullers serving chilled HSB. Gits.
    • Yummy gluten free ale
    • Much pig fat (pork scratchings) and burny jerky (chilly biltong)
    • Stone jug bought as walked past the stage, where there was an auction on.
    • Infamously rude waiters at Won Kei, brilliantly living up to reputation
      • Flinging cups around
      • Brining us food we didn't order
  • Shunt
    • Fantastic club in the vaults under London Bridge
    • Part art gallery, part skate park, part disco, part live gig, part kids craft workshop
    • Seats galore, pool table and pinball machines, late licence
    • £10 entry, £3 cans of beer. Not bad.
    • Simply amazing. Must go again.
  • Fandom Origin Stories
    • I've found a few, and have them bookmarked to blog on when I get a second.
    • but much praise to the [ profile] fishlifter who found a 7 year old fanzine in the archive with a multitude of them. I'm looking forward to reading it a lot.
  • As we tell others about us.
I've also fallen behind a bit on my LJ reading. I'll catch up eventually.
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The food at the Cock has taken a turn for the worse.

No longer can you get a nice cheap fish finger sandwich, or chicken kiev. They won't even let you buy a couple of bowl of chips for the table to share.

I tried their steak and ale pie (small, Tesco's own), with chips (arrived as mash) and vegetables (luke warm carrots and peas). Most disappointing.

They did make up for it (with a free pint, and (top secret) bowl of chips) but I'm not eating there again unless they change the menu.

Instead I'm heading over the road to Carluchios. A nice Italian delicatessens, and restaurant. They stop selling sandwiches after lunch time, but you can pick up a hunk of the most amazing foccacia bread and several slices of fine salami for less than two quid. Bargin!
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Yay! Danny Wallace has a podcast.

Boo. It's iTuNeS only.

Following these instructions on how to Get an iTuNeS podcast without iTuNeS, here's where anyone can actually subscribe to Danny Wallace's podcast.
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Most people who self identify as Wacky, Crazy, or god forbid Zany, are usually anything but. I'd like to put forward my case.

A Zany person may pick up some fruit at the supermarket to make a "nice pair" joke. I not only bought the pear, and bought a "good lemon" to go with it (on the small chance it might go in a drink at some point). And when I tried to play it as keeper in Fluxx, Vixie pointed out that I've brought lemons round to her parties before.

Secondly the handle was not so much chosen as thrust upon me. Physoc had too many Dave's so all of us needed a Dave name. And despite volunteering for the exec committee at the sign up booth, I was refused to be known as Keen Dave.


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