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Case a:
I turned up early at the V&A for a Sandpit (Pervasive Gaming) evening. I wanted to have a look at the Echo Bazzar \ Fallen London game in particular. So did a lot of other people. And the main organiser was running 15 minutes late. The queue filled the balcony beside the Silver gallery, and all the way down the stairs to the sculpture corridor.

In order to beat the queue, they insisted the first few groups come in in groups of 10. I was with [ profile] hawkida, [ profile] viclet, Floo, and Archdeacon (nee StarShirt on this blog), so was halfway there. We grabbed the nearest 4 people to us and set off to solve a series of puzzles round the museum.

On the way we lost the Dutch Couple, who figured out that you could just play the game individually, and kept running another pair of Joinees, but that sort of thing isn't that unusual when you live in the same city.

The Small Word part was when went to the pub afterwards, and convinced the other pair to join us down the pub. It turns out that [ profile] h4nchan hadn't been to a Sandpit before, but had been to Hitchcon, and recognized a few fannish names. So we swapped Social Network contact details. The first thing I spotted is that she was a fellow DFC subscriber! A rare breed :) The first thing she spotted was we just missed each other at Uni. She would probably have used some of the Jingle packages I put together for student radio station!

Case b:
I'm not under any illusion that all of the couple of thousand regular UK litcon goers know each other, but I really was shocked to find that Paul Cornell does not know the Fishlifters!

Case c:

Today, I joking tweeted that there was no Snow in St Albans (Since a lot of people tweeted about snowfall locations at the start of the year), and it turns out an old colleague had also had his London office shut, and had been moved to St Albans!

Small World

Mar. 7th, 2008 11:27 am
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I was out with the joinees last night, and a good friend introduced to a friend his. Who looked familiar. WE put it down to the fact that we must have seen each other at K5. After chatting about the advisability of drinking ethanol from the Chemistry department, it turns out he was the year below me at Warwick, and was one of the people I dragged along to Physoc meetings.

I don't think anything will top the small world story from last year's Eastercon. On of the London BSFA people introduced to [ profile] makyo. We both did a double take and said at the same time "You're not that {name}, are you?". I went to Uni with him, shared several mutual friends, and have been on a mailing list for years with, but we had never actually met before!


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