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In my local seat the two parties who most stand a chance of winning there have:
  • A rebellious incumbent MP who votes against his party (usually in the direction I'd want), but whose party I don't want in power.
  • A local councillor for the party I'd like to see in, who doesn't really impress me with his literature, and website (and hasn't replied to an email from 5 days ago asking why I should vote for him).

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I tweeted a link to this, and someone was creeped out by the headless My Little Pony in the background of the last shot. I can see why dismantling something that holds the potential to be an object which someone feels an emotional connection to could be upsetting. But I must admit I don't really feel it.

{eta: To clarify, it's that model in particular, see also: The 21 Awesomest Superhero Mods for My Little Pony.}
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1) Hypothesis: You should chew your food thirty times before swallowing.
Split a bottle of sink de-clogger between 4 glasses, and cut a steak into bite sized chunks and split between 4 bags.
i) Empty 1 bag into a glass.
ii) Hit 1 bag with a tenderiser 10 times before emptying it into a glass.
iii) Hit 1 bag with a tenderiser 30 times before emptying it into a glass.
vi) Hit 1 bag with a tenderiser 50 times before emptying it into a glass.
After 4 hours sieve and weigh the remaining solids.
Expected Results:
i) Lots left.
ii) Some left.
iii) Little left.
iv) Not too different from iii)

2) Hypothesis: People can't divine for metal.
Stolen from Dawkins.
Experimenter 1 places a metal object under a small fraction of a number of buckets, records this, and leaves.
Experimenter 2, without meeting Experimenter 1 leads the diviner into the room, and lets them test each bucket with divining sticks, and records the result.
The experimenters results are compared.
Expected results:
The number of buckets whose contents are correctly identified is not significantly higher than would be expected if the selection was at random (this number to be determined before the experiment starts).

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I went up to the roof at lunch time yesterday, and took some photos of London. I have a whole slew of photo accounts out there on the internet, but realised I didn't really want to upload the photos to any of them. That and thinking about how to deal with crossposting to [ profile] scratch_uk lead to this poll:

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{ETA: Oops you can't you edit polls for speeling.}

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{ETA: Missed the obvious final ticky box: No medium is sacred, change away!}

[Poll #1454361]

Aside: I tend to give my polls male names concept (stolen from [ profile] offensive_mango) with extremely tenuous connections to the subject matter. Bet you can't figure this one out.
In this case Poll about conversations, so needs someone who talks a lot, maybe a politician who filibusters. Ooh, that's good. Phil I Buster.

Old notes

Aug. 21st, 2009 09:52 am
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Bit late for a What I Did At The Weekend (Went to Caption (Oxford small press comics convention) on Saturday, and down south to visit parental units on the Sunday) post, but one of the things I did was clear some of my junk out of a parental loft.

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I found that I had 3 cardboard boxes of "school stuff" and 2 plastic crates of "University stuff". I didn't have much time to go through it, but managed to sling a few bits (such as all my sixth form era invites to University open days). While I do like the odd doodle in the margin, and in joke scrawled on the cover of a notebook, I'm really not sure I need to keep quite this volume of stuff.

Given that I haven't looked at it in years, and am unlikely to do so in the near future, I probably should just sling most of it. But it's so final. This stuff, as useless as it is, is literally irreplaceable. I managed to avoid picking up a "bargin" in IKEA the other day on the basis that I'd rather pay full price when I need it, than hang onto something that just takes up space. But this stuff is my own hand.
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When reading this type of social network I:
Damn. The second Livejournal Option should read Facebook
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[Poll #1360044]

Just wondering if there's generally a correlation.

I tend to keep my computer files tidier, as I have more storage space. I can always add another directory, but adding another bit of storage to your house is more complicated.


Oct. 23rd, 2008 10:27 am
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Tetris LARP:
The act of shuffling boxes around to make space while unpacking.

[Poll #1269641]

No cheating and looking up the answers (Even though there is a really spiffing Venn diagram).

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