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Only 5 memberships left!

Guess who is number 895?
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Anyone fancy joining me at an up-coming sandpit?

The evenings I've been to have consisted of a couple of newly designed games they are trialing (sometimes involving running around outside), and a few perenial favourites like Wearwolf, and Dadist Trivial Pursuit to pass time while waiting for you slot on a big game.

Monday 22 February on the Spirit Level at Royal Festival Hall. All Free! I know a couple of people who are going to this, so anyone else fancy turning up?

Friday 26 March 2010 at the Victoria & Albert Museum for their monthly late-night opening. Almost certainly a free games, bigger ones may have a small charge. Don't know anyone who's turning up yet, but Echo Bazzar (Victoriana text adventure RPG, twitter login) are running something there!
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Anyone free this evening? I've now got 2 spare tickets to Nine lessons & carols for Godless People tonight at the Bloomsbury (Euston).

Come see if Johnny Ball overruns denying climate change again!
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Saturday 12:30, Ex-movie military uniform sale North Wembley Station (Not a lot of women's stuff apparently).

Saturday 15:00, Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academey of the Arts. AKA the one with big gun that fires blocks of red wax every 20 mins.

Sunday, day: Frantic last minute sewing.

Sunday evening: The Grand Cosplay Ball.
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A friend's found
a weird thing going on at the Battersea Arts Centre that's somewhere between theatre and roleplay.
Tickets cost around £14. Anybody interested when I have a provisional date?

It closes at 7, but I reckon there's enough time to see the Big Brother of museum curation. UCL has limited space, so invites you to come along and look at some of the more ... usefulness deficient items in their collection, and vote out the ones you like least.
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[ profile] scratch_uk is a proto British comics and small press publications fanzine, created by [ profile] stevegreen. I'm going to try to post stuff there on a semi regular basis (and probably CC: much of it here, under a cut tag).

In that respect, I've just posted a couple of creators recent planned events lists, and which of them I think I'll make it to.
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In case anyone's interested there's a small Stitch 'n' Bitch meeting in Islington tomorrow. It's moved from weekly to monthly, and is about the only place I manage to find time to knit these days.

Or crochet even. I think I'm going to try and knock up a design for a small Amigurmi on the bus ride there, and see if I can finish it that evening.

So Busy!

May. 21st, 2009 08:50 am
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I've got the first three weeks of July June! off to go sailing round the crinkly bits of Norway, and as such have to get a load of work done in advance. Combined with the fact that I have a three day reconnect thing this week means I have almost no free time. I've barely touched LJ this week, and while I may catch up next week, I'll almost certainly fall behind again.

[Poll #1403276]
{Edit: correct the month!}
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Anyone care to join me at a pervasive games night next Wednesday?

Last time I went to Sandpit, I ended up in a Mexican thumb war, so missed out on the pervasive outside round London stuff.

Wednesday 22 April 6:30 at the ICA. It'll cost £4 this time to be guaranteed a slot on one of the 3 biggest games of the night. I'll buy my ticket tonight.

Oh, and current to-be written posts:

Eastercon - Utterly utterly fabulous weekend. Don't think I made it to a single thing that was directly about SF. Oops. ToDo: Programming I did make it to and highlights. The in-depth report will go into a fanzine I appear to have announced I'll do by Plokta.con. [ profile] bohemiancoast, Bill Burns, [ profile] johncoxon, [ profile] ceemage, agreed (in principle) to write something for it :D

Reading List. Two Novels. Two Fanzines. About 10 Comics.

Currently to-be written posts that are looking like they won't get done:

Webcomix Thing con-report.

Picocon con report.


Mar. 27th, 2009 11:44 am
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Anyone looking for a room share for plokta.con? {ETA: sorted out now}

Also, bit last minute posting this here, but I'm going to the Thing tomorrow.

AKA The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing
AAKA The Webcomix Thing
AAAKA The Mile End Thing.

It's a great place to find small press comics, and meet their creators. There's a few webcomics people there too. This year they've actually got a few pannels, which they havent' had for the last couple of years.

As well as browsing work I don't know about:

I'm going to squee at: Sarah McIntyre, Caroline Parkinson, Reckless Youth, John Allison, Diesel Sweeties, and Beaver and Steve.

I'll keep an eye out for anything new by: Factor Fiction, Modern Monstrosity, Ninja Bunny, Fetishman, REET!, and Tozo.
{ETA2: I should point out that the only reason MM isn't in the squee list is because Oliver Lambden is too cool and relaxed to squee at. I shall just nod my head and say 'sup.}

I'll have a good look at these guys, who I never seem to have take the time to decide if I like, but have seen around a few times: Liz Greenfield, Octopus Pie, Kate Beaton Comics, Anders Loves Maria

Aside: The creators from the DFC have a new shared blog. Excellent.
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It's the monthly late night at the science museum tonight, and it's one of the rare ones that doesn't clash with the BSFA's monthly author readings. I'm planning to be in the queue at 6:30, if you want join me.

[ profile] raven_mocara, floo and <<nickname not found error>> should be there. [ profile] hawkida said she may head along later.
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Yay! Replacement copy of the DFC heading my way. An what a nice reply I got from them.

"We are so sorry that this misfortune befell your Issue 37!"

World Domination Meme )

Heading to a pervasive games night tomorrow, with [ profile] hawkida and potentially a few Joinees.
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I've spent lunch time sorting out plans for the coming month or so. Let me know if you're interested in any of the below.

Avenue Q, the adult musical version of sesame street finishes it's long west end run in March, so I'd like to go see it before it goes. Cheap tickets seem to run out by February. The cheapest January ones I've seen so far are £20 for the Friday 23rd matinee but I can't make that. So £30 {edit: Looks like £25 should be possible} on another evening. Anyone interested?

On Friday the 23rd I'm planning to go to Shunt. An nightclub cum art venue under the vaults at London Bridge. Since a mate will be doing circus stuff there that week.

I read [ profile] jabberworks's LJ for three reasons. Firstly she's a brilliant illustrator, whose daily doodles are simply fantastic. Secondly she draws one of my favourite DFC strips. Thirdly she really has her fingers on the pulse of the UK small press scene.

Alternative Press Fair, Euston, Sunday 1st February 2009, 12pm to 6pm.
I think I'll aim for around 2ish.

St. Jude's Gallery
Details: Mon, 2 Feb, 6-8pm opening; exhibition runs until Thurs, 12 Feb.
Bankside Gallery, 48 Hopton Street, London SE1 9JH. Open every day from 11am-6pm.
Anyone work near the South Bank and feel like having a look one lunch time?

I can't make late night Science Museum or the BSFA's Michael Swanwick Interview on Thursday 28 January, as they clash with a Karaoke thing I'm going to with a few mates from a previous Job. Grr. In fact they both seem to be on the last Wednesday of the month.

I want to go see Yes Man, but suspect it'll be out of the cinema's soon, so have probably missed the boat on trying to organise that one.
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I know I say I usually just wait until a draft post is out of data and abandon it. I was trying to get that last one posted before the exhibition closed, but failed. At least partially due to spending the last couple of evenings working on a costume for Sunday. Anyone going to the expo?

Speaking of which anyone fancy a grand cosplay ball? I've got my ticket.

Oh, and is anyone planning on going to Novacon and want to share a room?

Craig Gidney, (who ran the Tanith Lee novel discussion at Orbital) is in a spot of financial bother and his publisher is selling pre-orders of his book and giving the whole amount to him, not even covering costs.

One last sfnal thing: I see from issue #6 of Captain Britain & MI:13 the the Cabal have clearly been at work on [ profile] paulcornell2 is it features a villain called [ profile] drplokta.
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Terry Pratchett is doing signings of Nation at the UK's largest and smallest bookshops on Saturday. 9am on Hayling Island, 2pm in London.
I could make either, as I have to be down by Hayling at some point on Saturday anyway, however it's ticketed and sold out, so I may not be able to get one.

Any one out there going to either, and fancy some company in the queue?
On the same day I also one spare ticket to one of the funniest plays I've ever seen. Noises Off. It's a farce about putting on a farce, and has won all sorts of awards.

The show is on in Brighton at 7:30, the tickets are near Hayling, and I'm in London. So if anyone is near any of those, and fancies following me around the South Coast, give me a shout.
Finally, there's an absolute ton of events being organised to celebrate 150 years of friendship between Japan and the UK

In particular, I'm off to the Japanese Embassy on 25th September for a lecture on Britain and the 're-opening' of Japan, The Treaty of Yedo of 1858 and the Elgin Mission. Drop them a email using the address at the bottom of that page if you want to reserve a place.


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