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I went up to the roof at lunch time yesterday, and took some photos of London. I have a whole slew of photo accounts out there on the internet, but realised I didn't really want to upload the photos to any of them. That and thinking about how to deal with crossposting to [ profile] scratch_uk lead to this poll:

[Poll #1468489]
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Using only what I could find on my work PC at lunch time, here's the breakdown of how the voting went:

Thanks to everyone who donated!

Given that I shaved on the morning of the 1st September, I'll shave it off on the morning of the 2nd October. But for an added bonus for those who voted for a thin top lipper, I'll wear one to work, and maybe even to the Birmingham International Comics Show over the weekend.

Click here for Photos (and donations).
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Last day of stubble:

Voting closes on the charity 'tache style at midnight tonight, but donations after that date would be gratefully received by Everyman.

Currently Handlebar's in the lead, but there's a few votes towards the 1920's villain look.

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Freecycle offer: Child

175x86cm, good condition, mattress not included.

screenshot )


Apr. 2nd, 2009 10:53 am
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Happy Staples
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Owing to being really busy at work, and (when I get out on time) in the evenings, I've not posted much recently. So here's my current list of things I don't have time to do justice to:

  • Dating
    • Having seen a couple of people point to a flawed article on dating amongst other things has made me want to try and write an Introspection post on the topic, so I can get my own head around my own thoughts on it.
  • RaceFail '09
    • I've spent many hours I don't have to spare reading up on the past three of months this fandom wide argument, and come to the conclusion that I don't have anything useful I could say.
    • I may or may not keep reading, but given that you would find it hard it hard to tell if I had, lets not worry.
  • Avenue Q
    • Went to go see this at the weekend with Dad. Very good.
    • Particularity enjoyed the song "Everyone's a little bit racist".
    • For some reason I got tunes from The Little Mermaid stuck in my head afterwards.
      • What is the correct way to include A Title in a sentence about "a title"?
  • Images

    • New Shelves (from Islington Council's version of freecycle)
      • Photobucket
        How do I get in my room now?

      • Photobucket
        I just put these up, how are they full already?
      • Also: That's a lot of cr*p on my door too. Time to clear that down.
    • "Northern Irish" flag

      • Remember that artsy new flag for Northern Ireland?
        Well over the weekend it got caught in the string, and today seems to have been torn in half. Nature causing art to imitate life?
  • My Mad war with [ profile] chiller
  • A repost from my Facebook wall explaining why I was explaining maths to Jehovah's Witnesses
    • Gödel's incompleteness theorem is a mathematical proof that in any sufficiently complex system of arithmetic, there will statements that you cannot prove as true or false.

      E.g. Tell me if the sentence on the next line is true or false:
      This sentence is false.

      You can assume the statement is true and develop a whole branch of maths off of that. Or you can assume it is false and develop a whole different branch of maths.

      This is what I personally believe about God. The question is undecidable. You can form a coherent set of beliefs starting from the assumption that there is a deity/pantheon of some sort. You can form a coherent set of beliefs starting from the assumption that there is no God. But since it's not provable either way this seems like a waste of time.

      This is why my religion on Facebook is Evangelical (I like telling people this) Strong Agnostic (I believe you cannot disprove a god).

  • Meta post
    • Given how little time I seem to have to blog I wanted to take a look at why I do again. Culminating in a poll asking you to pick one of my tags: Diary, Link, Introspection, Reveiws.

    • Ironically, I don't have time for this.
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Delayed Post Photo )

Yay! Valentines card! From coffee! Mmm.

Yay DFC! Hang on.
Yay 2 DFCs? No wait.

The builders downstairs have torn the bloodly thing in half, got paint on it, and used the bloody envelope to make a "Wet Paint" sign.

F**king Gits!

I had every issue up to this, and they're sold out!!!
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or what I did in 20 mins this lunch time.

Yog-Snowthoth the snowman )
Bride and Groom spotted in the snow )
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Random photo of luggage )
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Do you see what I see in this photo?

cut for puerile political satire )
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There's a major bit of civil engineering going on in London at the moment. Thames Water are replacing miles of Victorian sewer systems. It's hard to wander far in the West End days these days without finding a closed street.

These photos were taken on what used to a wide bit of pavement between the Intrepid Fox, and Centre Point.

If you look in the middle of this one you can see some old brick foundations. They don't particularly line up with the current buildings or road. I guess once you've flattened whatever was there before there's no need to dig the foundations up, just roll the pavement over them.

Check out the crazy sewer(?) line here. 7 different bits of pipe, of different sizes and ages, in the space of about 2 meters! No wonder they're needing to replace some of this stuff. There's only so much patching you can get away with, before none of the original material is left.
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I finished both of my first projects last week.

Pictures and write up )

I tried about three or four time to start the Cthulhu hat at the weekend, from the top down. But despite a rather useful video on small diameter circular knitting (Thanks Nikki) I couldn't get the hang of it.

I think I'm going to have to start with a larger tube just to practice. I've got no idea what to make though. I suppose I could just make a little pouch to keep the random foreign currency I've got on my desk in. Hmm.
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Twister is harder, and just as much fun, as I remember from years ago.

Lemon curd and Lion bar milkshakes, are under-appreciated and give you a huge sugar rush.

Jamie Oliver's portable stove makes a wonderful cheese fondue heater :)

Gravity waves have still not been detected, but there are several ground based detectors looking.

The A23, and all the shops and entertainment along it, are rammed full on a Saturday.

In soviet Greenwich, the observatory observes you! )

Edit: Couscous, stock cube, fresh garlic, fresh chillies, Worcester sauce, black pepper, spring onions and tomatoes make an excellent dish that I think Archchancellor Ridcully would enjoy.
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aka Linkdump.

Best response to stalking accusation ever.

I was particularly tickled by Martin Rowson's surreal cartoon on the EU constitution earlier in the week.

A simple guide that can be used to hide messages in knitting. They can't be seen from the front. Here's an example a friend knitted.

Pointed to by Susie

Fear the impossible quiz, as it's quite tricky. Flash game.
Sent by Eleri

Surliminal has just posted a nifty map showing travel time by public transport to the Department for Transport. Re-enforces the idea that south east London is impossible to commute from.
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I've not managed to keep up with the meagre new year's resolution of a drawing a week for two weeks. But I have been creative. I've learned to knit, and done one doodle. And what the heck, I'll include a meme too.
Doodle for event )
Onion Scarf )
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know any male knitters. We came up with a theory that men find perling easier than knitting. It's 100% true (Based on a sample size 2).
Band Meme )

Seems everytime I want to upload a photo Zooomr's not available. I join the exodus, but can't be fussed. So photobucket will do as a quick holder.
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Some thought's on Zooomr, having used it for a week or so.

Contrary to what I said before about a large upload limit, they in fact offer "Unlimited Upload, Archival and storage for your photos — forever!"

That sounds very nice, but then where's their revenue stream going to come from? They've lost their investor, so I'm not sure they can store images forever.

They don't seem to have an easy to search for all the photos a user has tagged in a particular way. The user can create a "smartset" that filters photos based on a range of critia (user, tags, date taken, date uploaded, number of views, and other users in the photo). But these a really buggy, and blank out all the time.

The rotation feature seems to work on a delay. When you try and use it, it seems to fail, but if you check again after a short while, the images have been rotated correctly.

If you rotate a photo with juploadr program they recomend for bulk uploading, it gets rotated in the opposite direction.

They still haven't fixed my profile page.

There's supposed to be a big upgrade soon, but if [ profile] the_magician is reading this, I recommend using someone else for Worldcon photos.
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Guy: "I Love you!"
Girl: "I Love you too!"
Both: "The Elves!!"
Contains irrelevant fantasy violence )

Cinema warnings are getting ridiculous.

Noddy and the Magical Moondust U (Contains no material likely to offend or harm)
As my flatmate said "anyone working in science who doesn't support the theory that 'moondust'
could be 'magic' could be offended".

Dreamgirls 12A (Contains one use of strong language and hard drug references)
I'd just be sitting there for the whole movie waiting for that one use of strong language.

The Cat Returns U (Contains mild peril)
For once I'd like to see a film that contains "Extreme Peril". Mild is not the only adjective out there. How about "Unresolved Peril" or "Surreal Peril" or even "Otiose Peril".
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Way Out? )

I saw this a couple of days ago while wandering around Holborn. It felt like I'd run across one of those phone booths that can get you out of the Matrix. I was going to try the door, but I like it in here ;)

Prompted to post by seeing this post on the need for emergency entrances.
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Yes it's puerile and immature, but I love it when foriegn words sound rude in English

Silly shops in Paris, France

Inspired by

Silly shop names in Cologne, Germany

{edit: Just in case Superfluous Apostrophe reads this post, here's a comic for you}


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