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Tetris LARP:
The act of shuffling boxes around to make space while unpacking.

[Poll #1269641]

No cheating and looking up the answers (Even though there is a really spiffing Venn diagram).

[Poll #1269642]
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Went to see WALL·E last week. It's brilliant. The best thing I can say about is: that about 3 hours after seeing it, I suddenly remembered that it's supposed to be a kids film (I've been watching a lot of Ghost in the Shell recently, so animation does not equate with kids film in my head)
Went to a treetop adventure place over the weekend. Part of a chain called Go Ape. Seriously good fun. A couple of hours of Rope ladders, treetop bridges, zip lines, and Tarzan swings into cargo netting. It really deserves a better write up, but I don't have time right now.

Icon love! Seen here, based on these T-shirts.
I hate the cost of transatlantic shipping.
Science is like a good friend: sometimes it tells you things you don't want to hear.
From Charlie Brooker's TV rants seen at [ profile] andrewducker's
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Jim: how can The Rani, run in high heels?

easy, she’s a time lord, they’re probably shorter on the inside than on the outside.

A Graphic designer's take on the web 2008
seen over at the engineer's.
Knitted Dalek Toilet roll cover.
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a vegan in an SUV is doing more to stop global warming than a cyclist powered by cheeseburgers.

Since cows fart. A lot. CO2 bad. Methane very bad.
from [ profile] purplecthulhu comments on a locked post.
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That was utter shite, but in the best possible way.

overheard from Evil Flea
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Gorgeous photos of astronauts in orbit.
I love these images so much.
The eighth one has a lovely brassy dohicky that is so steampunk.

Why writers groups are a a good idea.

Alcohol Linkdump
DIY flavoured vodkas, mead by mail, and the discovery that people who binge drink , hang out with people who go out and get drunk.

“The unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible”: Oscar Wildeon fox hunting.
I thought it was "The incomprehensible pursuit of the inedible".

The good ship Righteous Indignation. Brilliant name for a rebel frigate.
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"it's not exactly rocket surgery"

Rick Hall - Comedy Store - Tonight.
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Phrases that have caught my eye in the last 24 hours:

Describing an automatic carwash as a "Get Eaten by Cthulhu" attraction.

it’s funny because it’s offensive. Much like Chris Rock, or Michael Jackson’s face.

[ profile] makyo was
reminded of
a remark I saw on usenet a few years back. Someone had said something gormless and/or wrong, and had been called on it. They'd replied, defensively, "Well I'm entitled to my opinion" to which another poster had replied "No you're not - you're entitled to your *informed* opinion".

iBon sent me the following:
4 Moffat facts )

Anyway, that's enough Moff facts. None of them will probably lead to anything anyway. And none are as entertaining as the Vin Diesel Facts either.

If RTD is to go, it's as good an appointment as they could possibly have made.

Moffat, that is, not Vin Diesel.
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"since aged fourteen everyone my age typed like they'd fallen face first onto a keyboard."

My old blog had a set of posts titled "Nice Turn of Phrase". I think I'll try and resurrect that. This one goes out to anyone who has to deal with children's writing.


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