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I don't see the point. Future generations are unlikely to be interested in me, and these items would just moulder unwanted.

I know that comes across as quite negative, but it's not meant to be. Why waste energy trying to make something last for the ages, when you could be having fun today?
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Someone just asked on a forum I frequent if anyone had any old trading cards they didn't want.

I do. I found them ages ago. I was quite into the franchise of which the cards were part of, and had all sorts of related tat. I found an incomplete set in a charity shop, so snapped them up. But I never new anyone else who was into them. And didn't have a display shrine or anything. So they just sit in a bag. Taking up space I don't really have spare.

I quite like owning them. But they serve no real purpose. Unlike a book, I'm not keeping it with the thought I'll re-use them some day. Unlike art, I'm not really going to get pleasure from looking at them, or displaying them.

So I'll give them up to someone else who wants them. But it feels like a scarily grown up decision. I can't be more than 5 years since I saw them and thought "nifty, want".
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Valentines Day has always seemed to have two parallel traditions. For those in a relationship it is a day to express your love for each other (lets set aside cynicism for now). I think this is a lovely sentiment.

The other one is anonymously declaring your love for someone. This bit doesn't make sense to me. I don't understand it at all.

Asking someone out, is fine. Telling someone you think they're gorgeous in person, could be objectifying and creepy, so is not so cool, but can be done politely. But anonymously saying you love them seems a bit... well stalkery.

Can you explain this to me?

That said purely for the purpose of a scientific test... )

I never turn off anonymous comments, but what the heck, I'm declaring this to be an anonymous comment Friday. Log off face book and say what you want.
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Thinking about it, the way I cook, and the way I read have a lot in common.

In SF I tend to read more Science Fiction than Fantasy. On the basis that while I love good fantasy or sci-fi, I really loath bad fantasy, but can (and often do) enjoy "bad" sci-fi. If the writing, or characterisation is atrocious, there's usually a decent idea, or at the very least some fun action. A fair chunk of my to be read pile (and a very large percentage when I really started buying stuff at uni), is stuff I'd never read a review of, and just bought based on a 20 second look at the cover.

Similarly with cooking, I'd rather by a bunch of interesting ingredients and wait for inspiration to strike when in the kitchen, than try an follow a recipe. While I do appreciate a really well cooked meal (and am capable of knocking together a respectable dish), I also enjoy a hastily thrown together mishmash. And frankly that's easier. Probably round 90% of them turn out to be okay, 5% great, and 5% not so much.

I'd like to think that makes me optimistic, as I'm seeking to maximise enjoyment, with minimal effort, but maybe it's pessimistic as I'm not putting in the effort to seek out the exceptional.
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or What Would Jessie Do?

Most people's moral compasses are pretty firmly set by the time they reach puberty*. So the moral tales we are told as children massively influence the adults we grow up to be. I grew up watching a whole slew of TV programs with moral messages (Captain Planet being an extreme example with a post episode epilogue, in case you hadn't already got it). I'm not talking about stuff like Grange Hill, which had moral messages, but also had plenty of shades of grey. The one that I think typifies it most, is probably Saved by the Bell.

I should make it clear here, that approximately half of my life, and thousands of units of alcohol, have passed since the last time I last saw an episode. So my recollections are hazy and pickled, and I've done no research on it. All anecdotes about episodes are entirely made up, but are the sort of thing I could see happening.

In fact it's entirely possible that I've completely failed to recall the real sentiments of the show. I'm probably assigning a whole buckful of cliches from other shows to this one. This isn't about the actual Saved by the Bell series; It's about the one that lives on inside my head.

For those of you who haven't seen it, Saved by the Bell followed the wacky adventures of group of kids going through an American high school*. They were:
  • Zack: The Grifter
  • Slater: The Jock
  • Screech: The Nerd
  • Kelly: The Cheerleader
  • Jessie: The Self-Righteous one
  • Lisa: The Gossip

The zeroth rule of Saved by the Bell is: Diversity exists, and is not a big deal. )

Corollary to zeroth rule: Friendship transcends societies boundaries. )

This entry's long enough as is, so follow ups to come.

* Not saying that people can't change. Just that they don't often.
** I am not counting College Years, or New Class in this, as they were fairly different, and fairly rubbish, respectively
*** Did we ever see the rest of the team?
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One of the things I remember from school English lessons, is write to your audience. Tailor the tone, content, and level of assumed background knowledge accordingly. The problem is, I don't have an audience in mind for this blog, so I don't really think I've found my "voice".
Why do I post? )

So what should I write next?
  • An alcohol themed linkdump.
  • An entry describing the pseudo science on one of the lines in this comic, and why it may make sense
  • Another introspective entry titled: "My entire moral foundation is based on vague memories of Saved by the Bell".
  • The first entry of my live blogging Dr No.
I'd turn this into a poll, but I don't want to pay for LJ, and think it would be wrong to upgrade to a ad-supported account, and use an ad blocker.
  • A review of Lord of the Rings the musical.
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A little while ago[1] I ran into the list of Geek Social Fallacies. The things that some geeks think, that taken to extremes, make their social lives harder.
How do they apply to me )
Now to explain how those affect me I'll have to talk about the circles I move in.

The Friend Wheel application from Facebook puts all your friends as points around the outside, and draws lines between them if they know each other. In this example most of the user's friends know each other. My wheel looks slightly different.

Starting from the top, and going anticlockwise, the Joinees, Alt.Alumni.Warwick users, the ex-Radio Warwick presenters, people from my school days, colleagues from my last job, and smattering of others including: SF fandom, webcomic artists, and friend of a friends.

I'm not so far into GSF #4 that I take liberties with my friends' friends. What happens is that I think everyone is really lovely and would get on with everyone else, so try to encourage my different groups to merge. I've been doing this since school days, when I dragged kids from my neighborhood and school to drama.

One side effect of GSF #4 is that I've been responsible for introducing a few couples to each other. I only ever see this in retrospect. I never mean to play cupid, but it is nice.

[1] GSF seen at the Nice Guy article, via Mango's offensive grocery.

Oh and as an aside, if you got this far;
How do you pronounce clique: click or cleek?

Meta post

Jan. 21st, 2008 06:27 pm
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Just made my first filtered post. I'll consider this an experiment, and see how it does.

I'm not normally one given to great introspection. I'm happy within myself. I may get irritated about some aspects of my personality, but generally I like who I am, and wouldn't change a thing. I tend tolive by the principle "have fun" and endlessly rehashing something that went wrong is is not fun. Similarly Re-living an event is not as fun as doing something else.

This lack of introspection and a general loathing to write means I've never managed to keep any sort of a diary. But occasionally I do regret not having a record of some of the stuff that's happened to me. And I do want to be more creative. So I'm going to try and make more posts, and post more personal stuff. But that'll be filtered.


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