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... or If I Don't Write Something Now I Never Will.

This was a very different convention for me personally. I was definitely far more a participant than a consumer. Oh, and I actually got about 7 hours sleep, and only drank 3 pints, each night. Unheard of!

To begin with I was on 4 programme items. No wait. 5. Oh and that. 6 then. The 2 on comics went reasonable well I felt. The panellists largely had some overlapping experience, but some things that were new to each of us. And sufficient audience participation to show that they were involved with our discussions. For the two on the future of Eastercons, I largely sat back and listened to what the other people in the discussion were saying. Think I learned a lot, and hope I did manage to get my perspective across when I did speak.

The "Star Wars: A Small Hope" cabaret was great fun to do, and seemed to be well received. It did take a large chunk out of Saturday, as we only managed to start rehearsals a few hours before the show, and needed much repetition to get it tight. Hats off to [ profile] adelhied for pulling together a top notch script and props collection in the weeks pre-con. [ profile] fuzz57, [ profile] frankiemouses you were magnificent. Thanks to [ profile] j_lj for lending us the lightsabers, one of which was found under the stage after he'd left the con. And to C for pinning me into a Leia dress without complaining :D
{ETA: And big thanks to the mighty tech crew for the Madonna headsets, and to the Cabaret organisers, and to our two sheet holding gophers, and the c ConCom, and everyone else who helped make Odyssey happen!}

The last other programmed item I was on was the Eastercon Bid Session. It was interesting. In short I'm now Head of Programme at Illustiorous, Eastercon 2011. Eep. The other news from that session is that Olympus 2012 will be the subsequent Eastercon.

The rest of the con was largely taken up with: Illustrious work (committee meetings, ticket sales, and programme idea discussions), Programme Ops / unofficial Ops Rover work, occasional gophering, dances, and seeing one or two programme items a day. Distressingly little left over for socialising, so I apologise if we didn't get to chat, or if I left after too little time.
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For no obvious reason, other than a geekish need to catalogue things, I have 6 custom friend groups for SF. The rules are that Journals go in the first one that matches where I primarily know it from. And no, I'm not posting them, because I've probably got some wrong, and I don't want to offend. I don't lock, read, or do anything based on them.
  1. SF Info - things like Orbital 2008

  2. Authors - Speaks for itself.

  3. Oxford crew- [ profile] grahamsleight, [ profile] despotliz, etc.

  4. London BSFA - People who regularly attend the London BSFA talks.

  5. Eastercon - People I've met at Eastercon. This is the largest list.

  6. Misc - Usually people who make interesting comments on a journal from the above list.

From reading the Eastercon reports of the epic trek to the curry house I realise that the Oxford crew actually have a name.

Third Row Fandom.

Look at the list again.

Weird huh.
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... just Thurday, and the bullet points: I'll try and turn them into a coherent report at some point soon.

Jonathan Coulton gig. Fail to recognise any of the fen who I knew would be there.

Did talk to a guy who'd come over from Oslo especially to see JoCo. Squeezed onto a table as, much to JoCo's surprise, the gig was completely sold out. Chatted to Ian, who it turned out was going to Eastercon on Sunday.

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I need to leave now, or I won't make tonight's BSFA pub meet!


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