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I managed to score some tickets to a recording of "Comedy Store" at "The Comedy Store" for "Comedy Central". The site proclaims:
On its grimy stage some of the greatest acts in the business have perfected their act
Which clearly isn't true. They was a two man team with a mist-er and a stiff broom giving it quick scrub when we arrived. Owing to my leaving the office later than intended, we were one of the last groups let in. We wound up with a choice between left wing front row, left wing a few rows back, or right at the back.

We decided to sit at the front. I thought that this meant there was a good chance I'd get picked on. As I mentioned I'd come straight from the office, and was in a suit. I've been at the comedy store before where the stand ups picked on the suits.

As this was a TV recording though, and they generally wanted to try and keep to a tight set, I almost got away with it. )
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Dave Gorman may have grown up a bit since documentary comedy days, but not much.
He's 38 and not especially fit. 1500 miles. 32 days in the saddle. 32 nights on the stage. His Mum's told him not to do it but he won't listen.
Dave Gorman:Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop And Stand Up will see the intrepid comedian covering the extremes of the British mainland as he travels from this land's southernmost point to its northernmost tip, taking in the most easterly and westerly points along the way.
High Wycombe is the closest he gets to London, and it's on a Saturday. I may well go.

How would you follow up Unicorn vomiting swearing rainbows?
With a Unicorn crimping off a princess of course!

I certainly never thought I'd post a link to Cyanide and Happiness commenting on the art.

It's basically a stick figure comic with little to no continuity, focusing on offensive humour. Basically C&H is to XKCD as 4Chan is to Slashdot.

Managing to convey an increasingly awkward pause across 4 panels with it's minimalist style was very well done, and a reminder you don't need hyper realism to render various emotions.

Reading list, and What I did at the Weekend post to follow.
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Comedian and activist Mark Thomas has been holding a series of one man protests outside Parliament for a while now. He's engaged in a tactic he he refers to as "defiance through compliance". He thinks the law that restricts protests within a kilometre of Parliament inhibits free speech. So on the third Wednesday of every month he holds a Lone Demonstration in Parliament square, on a range of surreal topics. However he's not alone. In an effort to flood the system, and make the law too expensive to keep on the statue books, hundreds of other people also apply for one man protests. Making sure they have filed the correct paper work with the Charring Cross police station first. There's a Radio4 show about this.

I particularly like the "hulking great Heath Robinson contraption" Graeme built to carry his large list of protests.

The most surreal part about this law is that it was probably written because of Brian Haw's years long protest on Parliament Square. The only problem is not's not retrospective. So the one man this law was drafted for is the only man who's exempt from it.


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