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My plans for last night were as complex as my plans ever are. Finish work. Head down to the 'ton, since I'd not made a first Thursday for ages. Then head out to the Tacheback party, in order to claim a cocktail and join the parade. And finally head back to the Cock to drink with the Joinees.

I never made it to the Cock. I had way too much fun at the Tacheback party. )
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Sweet martini: 3/4 pars gin, 1/8 part dry vermouth, 1/8 part sweet vermouth.

Medium martini: 4/5 part gin. 1/5 part vermouth

Dry martini: 5/6 parts gin 1/6 part vermouth

Glass martini: Swirl vermouth and ice in a glass. Discard. Add gin.

Breath martini: Drink a shot of vermouth. Breath into a glass. Add gin.

Los Alamos martini: Place a bottle of vermouth on top of an atomic bomb test. Place a glass of gin downwind.

Churchill martini: Pour a glass of gin, while glancing angrily across the room at a sealed bottle of vermouth.

Ideal martini: A glass of gin drunk whilst looking at a picture of vermouth.

Inspired by comments on demiurgent's post.


Ooh! IDEA! Homoeopathic Vermouth.

We could do double blind experiments to discover what the difference between no vermouth, and probably no vermouth is.

Of course we'd need a large sample base :)
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Things that deserve a longer post, so I may come back to:
  • Great British Beer Festival
    • Hilarious failure of cueing system
    • Fullers serving chilled HSB. Gits.
    • Yummy gluten free ale
    • Much pig fat (pork scratchings) and burny jerky (chilly biltong)
    • Stone jug bought as walked past the stage, where there was an auction on.
    • Infamously rude waiters at Won Kei, brilliantly living up to reputation
      • Flinging cups around
      • Brining us food we didn't order
  • Shunt
    • Fantastic club in the vaults under London Bridge
    • Part art gallery, part skate park, part disco, part live gig, part kids craft workshop
    • Seats galore, pool table and pinball machines, late licence
    • £10 entry, £3 cans of beer. Not bad.
    • Simply amazing. Must go again.
  • Fandom Origin Stories
    • I've found a few, and have them bookmarked to blog on when I get a second.
    • but much praise to the [ profile] fishlifter who found a 7 year old fanzine in the archive with a multitude of them. I'm looking forward to reading it a lot.
  • As we tell others about us.
I've also fallen behind a bit on my LJ reading. I'll catch up eventually.
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The tube pulled out of High & I.

I'd given up trying to read the paper. There just wasn't enough room. Even folded in quarters, and held high above the nearest commuter's shoulder. It was rammed in there. I was stuck in the middle of the carriage. There was someone between me and the door, between me and the glass partition, between me and the rear of the carriage, and about three more between me and the ventilation window.

It was hot. And humid. And my waterproof jacket was trapping the heat. So I wriggled a bit and elbowed half a dozen people removing it. Draping it over my left arm, I felt a bit unsteady so grabbed the overhead rail with my right hand, and clutched the paper between my knees.

In fact I was beginning to feel very unsteady. And a little nauseous. I was really grateful for the tiny gusts of cool air that occasionally reached me from the window. I realised I was breathing quite deeply, and loudly through my nose. I decided I was not going to make it to work in one go, and would have to get off at Kings Cross, and sit down for a bit.

But Kings Cross was another few minutes away, and I was really starting to feel the heat. And spots had started swimming in front of my eyes. It was getting harder to catch my breath, and the edges of my vision were stating to go black. I looked at my hand on overhead rail and could see a film of sweat starting to appear. I squatted down on my haunches as that was the closest thing I could do to laying down, and getting the blood back to my head.

The train stopped, and I squeezed past the person by the door, stagered to the benches, sat down and closed my eyes. About 5 or 6 trains later one with some spare seats pulled up, and I got on, and finished travelling into the office.

I haven't had a hangover that bad since new year's. I don't see why it was so bad either. I didn't mix my drinks, stuck to bitters. I had a fair wack of water when I got in, and over 7 hours sleep. Ah well. I feel a bit more human after several cups of coffee, and hot lunch.
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Today's Bob the Angry Flower is what I'm like when I drink cider.

It's not quite that extreme, and environment is a much stronger factor, but I have found that different alcohol does have a diffenrent effect on me.

Ale tends to make me loquacious and relaxed.

Cocktails tend to make me energetic and bouncy.

Tequila gives me hangovers.

And All alcohol gives me wanderlust. I used to regularly leave my mates at Uni and go and check out the corners, nooks and crannies of the wherever we were. If we were on Campus sometimes I'd just get bored and wander home without telling anyone, which I'd never do sober.

I got told off last week because I'd offered to walk someone to the tube station, left to wait in the cool for them, and just wandered off.


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